Monday, January 23, 2017

Death By Preventable Disease

What's it like to die from a preventable disease? From something that could have been treated to extend life for many years, or maybe even cured?

It's a death that's a punishment for poverty. Not necessarily starving in the gutter homeless poverty, but less than an ostentatious wealth.

That's what a pre-existing condition is. It's code for "either find a way to make an absurd amount of money, or die for your inadequacy." 

A country must value greed ABOVE life to make such a call.

Why they'd then call themselves pro-life is just a slap in the face. What about those who will be born with "conditons" that will, by definition, become pre-existing upon adulthood? What purpose can come from saving someone who will be helpless and a drain if you intend to have them suffer a death as punishment for being born WRONG. Those "saved" have 18 years, no matter how bad off they are, to gather enough wealth to cover all medical fees for the rest of their lives (which will end abruptly if they fail to be rich), or they must leave the country.

Medical refugees.

I don't really want to think about this. I don't want to read about it. I don't want to know about it. I don't want it to be real. The more I see this reality, the more I look forward to whatever is next. Though I consider that I am dead and this is a kind of Hell. Not the one Dante wrote, but a new kind. Pain for the mind, pain for the soul, the torture of helplessness and constant let down and the suffication of depression. J K Rowling's Azkaban. That seems more like Hell than any other description I've read.

Darkness isn't just coming... it's here. Dawn isn't scheduled for another 4 years.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

No Humor like Nursing Humor on @Pinterest

Pinterest Humor Nursing Why is this funny

Am I alone in going on Pinterest, searching the HUMOR category, and finding... nursing study notes? This isn't just once or twice... this is all the time.
What's funny about this?

Boost your savings (not nursing, but really...?)
Actual humor meme
The Digestive System
ICP & Shock
EMS Criteria for RVH
Pic of Space

Just wondering how some of these get a humor tag, or how they end up in the category.

Pinterest Humor category

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Alternative Story (pg-13 post)

Found this 3 part meme on Twitter today...

I want an au (alternative universe) story where there is, in fact, a Victor Secret. The catalog, the ads, all of it. And the Victoria and Victor angels hate each other. It's not a gay thing, it's that they just see rivals, even though they market to different genders. And smart people just look on with a cocked eyebrow, but other people are adamant about taking sides (usually not the side of their own gender). So it's like:
"I bought this bra today."
"Steve, you aren't a 36C. You are a dude with no boobs."
"My #AngelTeam wore this in the ad last night."
"Idiot... what are you going to do with a bra that cost as much as you earn in 4 hours?"
"I don't know. Strap it to the front of my car?"
"No, Steve. Just... no."

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Health non-care in 'Merica

I just saw this on Pinterest. My immediate comment was to ask who DOESN'T say these things,  other than the ridiculously rich. Being twenty has nothing to do with it. We thirty-somethings and the forty-somethings, and my fifty and sixty-something parents also say it.

I can see how other countries might be surprised and confused, but who the hell in America  ('Merica) doesn't know that this is the state of things? Do we have a citizen that's been in a coma since the Carter administration or something?

Seriously, this is the most "no shit" pin I've seen. Toss in a note about the sky being blue and the moon not actually being made of cheese and maybe you've got something.

What the heck was the point here?!?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Apartment Life

I hate when I hear a door open and I'm in the bathroom. It's probably my neighbor in their own place. Probably...

There's not someone waiting on the other side of the bathroom door. Murderers and robbers would make more noise. Or some other logic.

# paranoia

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Angry Rant About Banking

No one asked me if I wanted the bank I use to be bought.
~No, by the way, I did not.

No one asked if I wanted a new bank account number and new routing number.
~No. If I was willing to deal with that hassle, I'd have SWITCHED BANKS!

My husband has direct deposit. HAD...
It was necessary to update our bank account information to continue to use that. But his work system isn't updating.
So he's getting printed checks.
Post dated checks.
That I can't deposit until Friday, and can't clear until Saturday.

Christmas Eve.

I can't.
I just can't deal with this pressure. With needing to get the shopping done before Saturday, but not having the money until Saturday.



Thursday, December 1, 2016

Another Political Post

I'm including a screenshot of a post written by my friend.

He's 100% right. His point is valid.

He has a full time job. He is an average American citizen.

And this is why we NEED to fear bio terrorism. This is why it would be so effective.

Yeah, we've got some great doctors here. Maybe some of the best hospitals. Probably a bunch of ground breaking awesome. And the CDC is kickass awesome.

And that's great.

But PLEASE see the problem.

I had a friend in Canada. She didn't feel well at 3am. She got free transportation to an emergency room, was seen and treated, and came back home within 3 hours already on the mend. This cost her ZERO dollars. She did not need to wait for the bank to open to apply for a loan for $300, and subsequently be turned down, and then go try to buy some over the counter stuff that doesn't work, infecting others along the way.

If you watch The Walking Dead and wonder how anything could spread so fast, here you go.

This is the thinking not just of my one friend, but of everyone I know who isn't 100% covered by some government provided insurance or isn't sitting on a bank account around the billionaire mark.

And the promise of the incumbent, Donald Trump,  is that we'll have less access to health insurance and it'll cost more.

Our military is so powerful that we could take on everyone and not even blink. Our military technology is so up to date that we sell our old crap to anyone because we don't have space to store last year's junk.

But sneeze and it's good bye 'merica.

And that's why I think it's so important that EVERY LIVING HUMAN in this country have access to fully funded health care. So if anyone in our borders feels a sniffle coming on, they go deal with it.

That's how you fight bio terrorism. That's it.

We could build 10 nuclear weapons for dropping on each and every country out there. Not only would that kill us all (MAD), but it still wouldn't fix a bio terrorist attack.

I'm not a politician or military strategist. So if I can figure this out, you can be certain that our enemies have too.

And given our ethics of NOT staying home when ill, it's guaranteed that it'll spread. No one can afford quarantine,  especially if they might need meds. We'd need Marshall Law to keep the sick home. And the ones trying to enforce it would get it. There's only so many bio suits. Containment breaches would happen.

This isn't a plot bunny. It's not the basis of a book, movie, or tv show. (Though they exist.) This is reality. This is what happens when everyone doesn't have equal access to health care. It happens when the sub-par care is all you can afford, so you avoid that because you have a job and shouldn't have to take from those worse off, plus the wait is ridiculous.

The whole system is broken. Top to bottom. It's not fair to patients or doctors or other care givers.

I don't care if it's fair to health insurance companies, because a computer should not decide what care is best and what medicine a person is entitled to take. The computer didn't go to med school. The computer hasn't met the person. The computer is NOT QUALIFIED to make the choices. Skynet bad, remember?

Hopefully the politicians,  who have access to great medical care and therefore aren't directly affected by this,  will fear the janitor getting sick from an attack. Or the wait staff. Someone they pay little attention to but who might spread it because they don't see a doctor. That fear might, maybe, get health care access improved. Hopefully before I turn out being right.

I'd rather not have an "I told you so," about this.