Thursday, December 1, 2016

Another Political Post

I'm including a screenshot of a post written by my friend.

He's 100% right. His point is valid.

He has a full time job. He is an average American citizen.

And this is why we NEED to fear bio terrorism. This is why it would be so effective.

Yeah, we've got some great doctors here. Maybe some of the best hospitals. Probably a bunch of ground breaking awesome. And the CDC is kickass awesome.

And that's great.

But PLEASE see the problem.

I had a friend in Canada. She didn't feel well at 3am. She got free transportation to an emergency room, was seen and treated, and came back home within 3 hours already on the mend. This cost her ZERO dollars. She did not need to wait for the bank to open to apply for a loan for $300, and subsequently be turned down, and then go try to buy some over the counter stuff that doesn't work, infecting others along the way.

If you watch The Walking Dead and wonder how anything could spread so fast, here you go.

This is the thinking not just of my one friend, but of everyone I know who isn't 100% covered by some government provided insurance or isn't sitting on a bank account around the billionaire mark.

And the promise of the incumbent, Donald Trump,  is that we'll have less access to health insurance and it'll cost more.

Our military is so powerful that we could take on everyone and not even blink. Our military technology is so up to date that we sell our old crap to anyone because we don't have space to store last year's junk.

But sneeze and it's good bye 'merica.

And that's why I think it's so important that EVERY LIVING HUMAN in this country have access to fully funded health care. So if anyone in our borders feels a sniffle coming on, they go deal with it.

That's how you fight bio terrorism. That's it.

We could build 10 nuclear weapons for dropping on each and every country out there. Not only would that kill us all (MAD), but it still wouldn't fix a bio terrorist attack.

I'm not a politician or military strategist. So if I can figure this out, you can be certain that our enemies have too.

And given our ethics of NOT staying home when ill, it's guaranteed that it'll spread. No one can afford quarantine,  especially if they might need meds. We'd need Marshall Law to keep the sick home. And the ones trying to enforce it would get it. There's only so many bio suits. Containment breaches would happen.

This isn't a plot bunny. It's not the basis of a book, movie, or tv show. (Though they exist.) This is reality. This is what happens when everyone doesn't have equal access to health care. It happens when the sub-par care is all you can afford, so you avoid that because you have a job and shouldn't have to take from those worse off, plus the wait is ridiculous.

The whole system is broken. Top to bottom. It's not fair to patients or doctors or other care givers.

I don't care if it's fair to health insurance companies, because a computer should not decide what care is best and what medicine a person is entitled to take. The computer didn't go to med school. The computer hasn't met the person. The computer is NOT QUALIFIED to make the choices. Skynet bad, remember?

Hopefully the politicians,  who have access to great medical care and therefore aren't directly affected by this,  will fear the janitor getting sick from an attack. Or the wait staff. Someone they pay little attention to but who might spread it because they don't see a doctor. That fear might, maybe, get health care access improved. Hopefully before I turn out being right.

I'd rather not have an "I told you so," about this.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Spewing from my mental errection

Because we've established that mind erections are a thing now. (It's like a regular penis erection, but for the brain, and available to all genders. Frequently caused by fandoming or finally figuring out the thing you've been trying to figure out for like, ever.)

Imagine a world where a certain very powerful group of leaders (the kind that make the rules and stuff, the sort that dictate society), are mostly males who claim to be straight. Now, to best defend or prove that claim, they show massive intolerance to everyone else. Not just to the homosexual community, but to straight women as well. (Which doesn't make sense, until you consider that maybe it's only a claim, and then it's obvious why they'd want to be unappealing to the very people they claim to want to attract.) In fact, some of them dislike women so much that they create a world where all the women fear being sexually assaulted. To the point that it's assumed it'll happen in some form to you,  that it's just a given. Now suppose they outlaw homosexuality-- no marriages, unions, or any recognition of those relationships. So there are now, in this scenario world, a bunch of very horney dudes who are turned on by other dudes. Okay,  so, one day an issue comes up about restrooms. Some people are identified as having a different gender than the one they were born with. Or maybe they have more than one gender. The details don't matter so much as the response. The straight men in charge declare only men in the mens restrooms, and only women in the womens. They even go so far as to claim that the gay males would sexually assault the women if allowed to poop in the same area.

Is it possible,  in this scenario, that the powerful straight men might be the ones sexually assaulted in the mens bathrooms?  Leading to 3 possible conclusions.
1- They want to fear that, like the women do.
2- They aren't actually straight, but fear admitting it, so they've created a scenario where in they can get what they want while simultaneously claiming not to want it.
3- They just aren't smart enough to think of either of these options. Being male, straight,  or in charge does not mean intelligent or wise.  It should, but this isn't that kind of world.

I'm just tossing it out there. Obviously this is the basis for a fictional world. I mean, come on, it's a real stretch of the imagination!

Saturday, November 26, 2016


As I'm only at this location for another like 20 minutes (less when this posts).
And we're leaving here now so yup!

Ode to the LvPA NaNoWriMo Moth

Oh great and mighty moth! I need words. I must make words that are wordy words. Like dictionary words. Not just Shakespeare making up words kind of words. I need thinking good with the words that sound smart and logical and in order that kind of resembles a sentence. And maybe a few of those can be a paragraph.

I might be asking a lot of a moth. More so because it'd be a death moth in the women's bathroom of Wegman's off 512 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Not to be confused with Bethlehem from the Bible. Though there is a star here. But it's not really a star. It's just a big lit up statue kind of thing that sort of looks like a star. But it's supposed to resemble the star that the three wise men followed to the barn behind the inn. If you believe that. Which not everyone does. So I don't know if religion plays into a tourist attraction or not. I mean, is the Taj Mahaul (which is not spelled like that,  but I'm tired and have been up since 19 hours ago and haiiii... Mahal, Laurence looked it up. So I'm only off by one letter.) is that religious?  I'm not sure. But I'd go see it.

So anyway. The moth isn't dead. Or alive. It's just there on the floor. A chip in the tile.

And Nicki is on her way so I'm gonna go nap now.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Twas the night before Thanksgiving

Twas the night before Thanksgiving, when all through the Panera
Many laptops were stirring, not one with an error!

Cute beads were hung round our necks with care,
In hops that fifty k words soon would be there.

The characters nestled all snug in their plot,
Our laptops drank power, so many watts. 

"How do you spell ‘kerchief" and "unlock your caps," 

These writers were in need of a long winter's nap.

When out by the drink foundation there arose such a clatter,

Writers sprang from their stories to see what was the matter.

Away from their Windows they flew like a flash,

Some from their Macs, some in mid dash.

The pearly white beads matched the new-fallen snow

Which had already melted, it not being 32° below.

What to these writers wondering eyes should appear,

But a big city Agent to crush publishing fear.

With a yell about "spoilers" and keys pounded quick,

We knew in a moment which stories he'd pick.

No football Eagles or sports stories came,

But the agent loved these writers, and remembered each name!

Now Angela! Now, Mike! Now, Laurence and Nicki!

On, Heather! On, Erin! On, Ezra and Katie!

To the top of Olivia's story! To Brian not hitting a wall!

Now dash away, Roxi! Dash the words all!"

As dry scenes that before the wild editor fly,

When they meet with an obstacle, the bad words will die!

The agent exclaimed, ‘ere he drove out of sight,"Happy NaNoWriMo to all, and to all a Good-Night!"

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Starbucks Love

One of my free "refill" beverages that came after my free beverage from my star bonus, which just quadrupled with a purchase made earlier. Meaning that I'll have more free drinks. And because I used Shopkick to get my free gift card...

Yeah. I've had about $100 worth of Starbucks this month and haven't spent a dime.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Religion and Politics in this post

Check out @SarahHuckabee's Tweet:

Trump won more evangelical CHRISTIAN votes than any other presidential candidate in history?

I keep thinking about all those movies, books, and shows where the Christian president might get a divorce. And it's the biggest scandal (pun intended, if you know the show) possible. Concerns the guy would be tossed out of office, the economy would crash, doom and gloom. "I know about Ellie." "You know about E.L.E.?" (Extinction Level Event -- Deep Impact)

Well, guess we stopped caring about divorce. Or about having children with multiple partners. If it's okay for the gander, it damn well better be okay for the goose now. "Yes, I have three baby daddys/mamas, just like the President of the United States." It is vital to understand that the CONSERVATIVE party and the Evangelical CHRISTIAN voters are in FULL SUPPORT of that. Good job, Maury Povich. All those "whose your daddy" episodes really brought them around!

Seriously, I never knew the church was so totally cool with divorce and with children from multiple partners. But here we are, in a world where they are SO COOL with it that they actually voted for a president who lives THOSE values.

The old days of Republicans talking about family values and sticking it out, how they were only okay with divorce in extreme cases, and children from other partners being only slightly better than bastards... those days are over!

See, not a whole lot of bright side for Democrats these days. But at least we see how dramatically the Conservative party has changed their core values, and how much more open minded the church must be now. The heck with updating a political document to reflect modern needs-- the Republicans have changed what the BIBLE is okay with now. Wow. That's impressive. And even the extremists Christians, known as the KKK, are supporters of this guy.

So we're all agreed.
Republican and Democrat alike: divorce is now perfectly acceptable and holds no shame or public guilt and judgement whatsoever, and having babies from multiple partners is also perfectly acceptable and holds no shame or public guilt and judgment whatsoever. ""Those people"" are JUST LIKE the president incumbent.

"You have three baby daddys?"
"Yup. :) Just like the president!"
"Wow! That's soooo cool. I'm totes jealous."

Just remember, that's now politically correct for both parties. We applaud that now.

(See, I've known a few judgemental Republican Christians who thought they weren't okay with such choices. It's important they realize that now they ARE okay with them, since they voted those values and choices into the highest office. I expect to see them out there showing support! SUPPORT.)