Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It shouldn't be pro life or pro choice yet

Here's where I lose friends,  respect,  and any chance at running for political office.

Abortion isn't a woman's issue. That's like saying gun violence in an ER doctor issue. Unwanted pregnancy doesn't often come from women. (The exception being, perhaps,  when pregnancy endangers the life of the mother or the health of the baby. Still, that's no more a woman's issue than lung cancer is! ) So,  instead of talking about effects,  how about addressing cause?

Seriously, what if words like rape and incest were ones you had to get a dictionary to figure out? Could straight men be convinced not to cause unwanted pregnancy? What if that were the conversation instead. Get that issue under control. Then,  once that crime gets as rare around America as the black plague,  THEN we can have a conversation about abortion. See how many are left. As a reminder,  no,  men don't get free birth control. However,  no prescription is needed to buy condoms, which are sold all over. The non-latex ones have almost zero side effects.

I'd love to hear politicians discuss this. I doubt that'll happen in my lifetime. It'll just be back and forth about the effect, and never touch the cause.