Sunday, October 25, 2015

To Bad We Won't Be Voting On This

What if America's 2016 election had some of these items tossed in?

1- People who want to start a war,  especially because they are feeling intolerant,  are required to fight in it. Can't fight? Must volunteer some other way. Can't do that? Donate several thousand dollars or be jailed for intolerance.

2- Pro life protesters would be required to adopt one child for every protest they take part in. No swapping kids- you get what you get. Can't afford the kid? Should have thought of that before spreading your legs to walk to that protest. The kid tries to kill you,  or is related to someone who has harmed you? Good. Social services will stop by to make sure you're parenting well.

3- We are going to need more space in prison thanks to the first two. So weed will now be legal but restricted like alcohol. You only go to jail if your involvement with it harms another. Also,  there will be a tax on weed. (Tax evasion is still a crime.)

4- Gun owners are required to donate 10 hours a year to teaching gun safety- 5 hours if taught to more than 20 children. Must include reasons NOT to shoot.

Just a start. Not that these would be on the ballot. Easier to just blame whoever wins than take any responsibility.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Million Dollar Phone Idea

Accept call.
Reject call.
Reject call to voice mail AFTER appropriate amount of rings.

And there's the idea. Because some calls you can't or won't take right now,  but you don't want the caller to know this. So one more option which will make your phone stop ringing,  but the caller won't be sent to voice mail until the appropriate amount of rings,  preventing them from knowing that you hit reject.

In some ways it is polite. In some it is just handy.

I have no background in making things like this,  so I can't do anything with it. But I figured I'd toss it out there for someone who does know.

Have you ever wished your phone had this feature?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Here are pills to slow the decline, to lengthen the time between the hospital and grave; the side effects are slightly better than death.