Thursday, July 28, 2016

Spelling and Grammar Police @BN_CARE

Just saying.
It is a book store.

Logic - it is not for everyone

Here's what bugs me.


Dave's Pie.

H considers buying from Dave's Pie. B is in crazy lust with Dave's Pie, maybe it's doing Dave, no one knows. K has had bad experience with Dave's Pie.

K outlines the reasons not to go to Dave's Pie. The multiple food poisoning and listeria concerns. The warnings on several website about contamination. The records of the times the health department has shut them down or fined them. And K provides a list of other pie places,  which are lower in cost and have reputations for being stupendous.

H agrees that Dave's Pie is a bad idea. H Thanks K for the save. Bullet dodged!

But B still wants Dave's Pie, and wants others to be presented with a scenario where it's rude not to have some. "Raise your fork in honor of this," scenario so anyone not having a pie from Dave looks like a mean idiot who hates America, God,  Family,  and everything else that offends people when someone gets all dishonorable. Make a big deal. Act like not wanting food poisoning is somehow a bad thing.

"H, how about Dave's?"
"You know what we should do,  H? Dave's Pie."
"Omg why haven't we just gone to Dave's Pie?"
"It would be so much simpler to go out of the way to order from Dave's pie that doesn't have the flavor you want and can't get the pie in time but they are so worth it!"

Somehow B talks H into it by just bugging her until logic goes out the window. Like handing matches to a toddler because they won't stop screaming so the heck with it, let them set themselves on fire!

Wait... ummm...

Well, like my post title says: Logic- it is not for everyone.

I'm not re- presenting the argument against ""Dave's Pie."" Nor do I feel it is my duty to out-tantrum B.

As Cartman puts it,  "Screw you guys,  I'm going home."

K for Kitty out.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Where there's smoke

Left to go get John around 2:40 am. Smelled like smoke outside. Like a campfire or a fireplace. But who the heck is making s'mores at 3am or heating the house when it's 80° out?

John and I got back here about 3:15 am. He smelled it. So I called 911. After reporting it,  I came in to pee quick. Went back out,  saw the firetruck going to the complex behind mine. Then turn around and drive slowly away.

And now there's a breeze. So I don't smell the smoke out there now.

Can't help but wonder whatever happened.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


There is a book that was just released:
Tokens and Omens by Jeri Baird

Well, I'm part of the street team. (Thanks,  J, for the heads up!)

So if you feel like being one of the awesome people who finds a painted stone,  you're in luck! I'm dropping some visual clues to half of my hidden treasures. Feel free to share.


Bright pink is the new black mold

I don't know what's causing this. But probably nothing good.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The value of one

They've got to be kidding me with this note.
You know why I had to go to a second? Because the first didn't have the drugs in stock, of course.

BUT hey, THANKS to the chick at CVS who made me feel like such a valuable customer when she whined about having to call the other stores, and tried to get the pharmacist to do it. He was trying to fill prescriptions and run the drive thru.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS MAKE A CALL. I'm the one who has to drive all over town because your company couldn't fill a prescription that was due for a refill and was given adequate notice.

Not okay.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Disgusting Positive Spin

This is me trying to put a positive spin on it:

Today's accomplishment: I made it all the way back home and into my bathroom BEFORE I regurgitated,  AND I managed to Heimlich myself when it got caught. Therefore,  I am now more awesome than at least 2 rock stars who died in bathrooms from choking to death on their own vomit.

Waking up 2 to 4 hours early AND almost immediately jumping into the heat: day 1.

Ice pack and I are gonna go lay down now.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

My @mmschocolate #fail

Anyone else trying for the free movie tickets?
I bought 3 bags of 11.40 oz bags of M&Ms. The flavors were peanut and peanut butter. All three bags had the promotion featured on them.

Any idea what to do?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rant - warning adult language

If someone says, "'Bob'(not real name) helped us navigate some paperwork," and you are Bob and think that makes you look bad...

You know, maybe realize that when it takes 4 years to do something that normally takes 3 months, maybe THAT'S what makes people look bad.

#SorryNotSorry that I pointed it out. But the ONLY people suffering here are me and my husband. You feel upset? I'M IN HELL. My health, my safety, my finances- all compromised.

Don't want to look bad? AND actually have the power,  money, time, and influence to make a difference? Then fucking go do SOMETHING. If our places were switched,  this shit would have been HANDLED.

I looked up to "Bob." TRUSTED "Bob." And believed that "Bob" would
I don't know
I don't even know anymore.
I'm so let down that I don't even have a description.
No, I've been FAILED. And made to feel like the failure is my fault. It is. I'm the one who believed in people, who tried to help others before myself. No good deed unpunished.

How much longer will I let it go on?
I can't.
In 10 days, things will change. One way or the other. Probably for the worse. But THIS is not going to go on. It can't.

Choices are going bye bye.

#SorryNotSorry if 4+ years of your work is down the drain. Maybe if you didn't take 4 fucking years to do it.
Faster to go to college.
A new President will be elected in the time this took. Look at what Obama did with 4 years. Look what you did with the same amount of time. Couldn't complete 1 task.
Upset because I made you look bad?

How about you buy the problem out from under me and in another 4 years we can talk about your feelings? How about THAT? You can be the one dealing with this. Sitting and waiting and hoping. Because I can't anymore.



Monday, July 11, 2016

Good But Cruel

I had a dream that my current #1 priority actually came through. That thing I've waited over 4 years to happen finally happened.

But I woke up. It was only a dream. A bit cruel to wake up and realize it had only been a dream.

Good,  but cruel.

Anyway. Today is my best friend's birthday. I'm here, she's there, I wish we were together. Soon,  hopefully.

I have a meeting tomorrow with Didi at Wegman's to nail down specifics of the wedding shower we're throwing for my cousin.