Thursday, March 24, 2016



Survival of the prettiest?  Death for all?  Or survival of the fittest?

The meme implies that no leader of America is capable of compassion for the sick or elderly.

It implies that Stephen Hawking isn't worth saving. He's smart- big deal! He isn't pretty and can't lift a bucket,  and therefore is without value. (Glad he lives in England.)

Babies also get to drown in this scenario.

Because I find this entire thing ridiculous,  I've decided to reply with an intellectually equal answer. Aquaman, King of Atlantis. He has the ability to get sealife to bring everyone to shore. Therefore,  he's qualified to rule.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Smash Cancer Demolition Derby style with Relay for Life

a word from my brother:

I am building a demolition derby truck for "Relay for Life" in Macungie, PA USA. I'm supporting Rachel Confer, my girlfriend, as part of her team effort (Fighting for the Future) in Relay for Life fundraising

Donate to Fight cancer.

Any business or a group that makes a generous donation can get a logo or name on my truck for advertisement as my thank you.  
(Non-Profit Donation Tax ID 13-1788491)
You can help by spreading the word!

Every dollar donated will be listed under the Joe Muhl memorial fund. (Facebook) That logo will be on the truck as well.

See the completed demo truck at the Relay for Life on May 13-14. (Site)

At Relay for Life, there will be Sharpies for signing your name/doodle on my truck in exchange for a donation! 

The truck will be destroyed as I am in full battle crashing and bashing at the Buck Motorsports Park on May 28. (Link)
Thank You!


"AKA" Hillbilly Shaker #13

Sunday, March 20, 2016



A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 3-21-2016

Thank you for coming to my blog today.
I decided on this topic because I feel that it is highly sharable content and because I consider myself well versed in it
If you are not planning a wedding and do not know anyone who is, I suspect you won’t be back in April. That’s okay. (Scroll down, please.)
That’s what the theme hop is about – gauging your own interest levels.

For those who wonder what qualifies me to blog on this topic:
  • Planned my own wedding- twice (Ex-fiancé , it didn’t work out.)
  • Been a Maid/Matron of Honor four times
  • A bridesmaid twice
  • The years of the above weddings range from 2000 to 2016
  • Attended over 50 weddings in my lifetime
  • I’m a MoH for a wedding coming up this September, so I’m helping to plan one RIGHT NOW

If you, or someone you know, is planning a wedding, my blog will be a valuable resource this April.

Weddings not your thing? No one from your circle at this stage of life?
Weigh in on this topic instead!

How much tip is expected for Carside To Go (in America)?

For chain restaurants (Applebee's, Red Robin, etc), Carside To Go is when a customer orders online or by phone and then picks it up at the restaurant. A server carries the bag of food to the customer's vehicle, which is parked nearby (often at a special Carside To Go side door).

Had the customer gone inside to eat, a server would have to fetch drink refills, clear plates, check on the meal, and make small talk. This is avoided at Carside To Go.
It is more similar to a fast food drive-thru. No tip is given at a drive-thru window (McDonald's, Burger King, etc). Food is ordered over a speaker box and then heated, bagged, and passed to the customer via a window.

Therefore, the big differences for the server is having more time to get the order together, and having to walk from a door to a vehicle instead of leaning out of a window.

Is a tip expected in these cases? And, if so, what percentage of tip is expected?


Still not entertained? Maybe you can answer one of these instead!

Product Review - Candle Impressions Flameless LED Candles

I received this as a gift on Dec 5, 2015.
The flicker option looks great. However, it drained the batteries in less than one month's time.
The color changing is fun to watch. It has a soothing, hypnotic quality. As the batteries die, fewer colors appear. Red is the last to go. The batteries finally died on March 18, 2016. A total of 104 days.
It doesn't get hot. They seem safe to use. I like it and would buy more.