Sunday, November 5, 2017

You Are Why We Can't Have Rosie from the Jetsons

For people who can't understand the current political climate of America.

We are currently being led/ governed by people, the majority (or most powerful) of which long to eradicate an overwhelmingly significant portion of the population so they can have robots, like Rosie from the Jetsons, instead.

The following is a partial list of the types of people who the American leaders would prefer to be dead:

Anyone who is ill, injured, or needs medical care requiring more than fifteen minutes more than twice a decade; anyone who can get pregnant, or who looks like someone who could get pregnant, or has been altered via gender reassignment and is no longer able to get pregnant as result; anyone too young to fend for themselves, anyone who requires any amount of assistance to fend for themselves, anyone who doesn't want a gun to fend for themselves; people who are not overwhelmingly wealthy, people who are wealthy but don't hate everyone on this list, people following any religion that doesn't support hating everyone on this list, most non-Christians, any scientist who puts truth above agreement and compliance, all environmentalists; anyone with even one great-great grandparent who was born outside of America, anyone with more than one ancestor who is Native American, anyone who looks slightly different than they think they look, anyone who takes pride in being a unique individual; and anyone who tries to stop the plan to eradicate all those on this list.

Does that clear it up?
That's a list of who the government of America, in particular the top tier, has been attacking. Those are the people who the leaders want to make feel regret for being alive, and who they want to make remaining alive more difficult than it needs to be.

Tuesday's election, though not for a president, is important to everyone on this list.