Monday, February 27, 2017

Plot Bunny because Not All Dreams Are Bad

In this dream, there was an uppity Queen with twin sons, both who married girls who were as far below their station as possible. The queen made everyone get dressed all fancy to go to church in the community the girls were from. This went as about as well as you'd expect. (Drunk men being told to bow to their former whores...) The royal guards lost control of the situation. The Princes ended up doing battle. One died.

The queen, being outraged at the lost of her eldest son, had the younger one drugged to sleep. He was then taken to her secret "play area," which was designed to look like a foreign planet. It had all manor of beasts not from the country, so it seemed very much like another world. The prince woke up there and had to fight to survive. The princesses had to sit by the queen, still in tattered gowns, watching helplessly. The queen vowed that if he died, they'd be next. If he lived, she'd vacate the thrown.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tornado dreams

In the first dream, my husband and I were at a hotel highrise. I was on the balcony. He was inside watching tv. I could smell the air changing and I knew. I looked up, and there were tornadoes coming. I ran inside and grabbed at him, begging him to come with me, to lock ourselves in the bathroom, in the tub. He wouldn't go. The hotel room had huge windows. I yanked the heavy curtains closed. I shoved my mobile phone into my bracelets  (nano and medical ID) because I was wearing pajamas without pockets. I wrapped my arms around John. He said that it was here. The building shook.
I woke up.

The next one is more complicated and incorporates my past.

I was in the house I mostly grew up in (we moved in and out of the house a few times, but my dad's parents always lived there). I don't know why I would have been there, but I was. I went into my old bedroom. There was a meeting table with chairs around it. (This isn't actually weird.)  I used the bathroom (which is in the room,   there are two shower curtains on the rod that serve to separate it from the rest of the room). I get done and am coming out, and my asshole uncle walks in. I scream at him to get out. He looks startled and embarrassed  (neither which are facial expressions or feelings I think he's capable of) and flees the room. I roar (yes, really). Then I realize that my dad and the rest of his siblings are sitting at the table,  all avoiding my gaze. I'm like,  "what?!"

That's when my phone rings. It's my best friend, Renee. I answer it and tell her she won't believe the day I'm having. Hearing the furiousness in my voice, she asks if she needs to come get me. She yells to her husband,  Fritz, to go clean out the car. Meanwhile, my mom walks in the room. She looks at my dad and asks what's going on (since everyone is still avoiding looking at me and you can cut the tension with the proverbial knife). He tells her, "We all know that she doesn't know yet, and none of us want to tell her." I flip out and demand someone tell me.

"Pappy H***** died." ((No, I'm not including my mom's maiden name in a blog post. Obviously.))

"What? When!" I ask, all sad.

"About a week ago," Mom answers all casual.

I shake with anger and too many feelings. Renee is still on the phone. I can hear her. "Fritz, omg, her grandfather died. A week ago. And she didn't know."


"Again." Renee's voice is amazed, sad, supportive... her voice is like a distant hug reaching for my grief.

"AGAIN" I say through gritted teeth. I grab my shoes. My feet get jammed in as best I can, but the back heel parts aren't pulled up right, so I'm half stumbling as I storm out. My parents run after me, so I can't stop to fix my damn shoes. "Drive," I say to Renee, though I can barely breathe and speaking is like yanking a dagger out through my throat. I hang up. I'm finally far enough that I can fix my shoe. I hear my mom in the distance. "I'm going for a WALK," I yell.

Somehow I end up in my car eventually. I'm on my grandfather's road. There are strangers in his driveway. People are hauling off the stuff from the house. They stare at me. I pretend I'm just here to turn around, and I pull away. I go around the back, park, and head inside the other door. A room that I've never seen empty now is. I collapse on the floor. Tears flood out of me and I'm drowning in them, since I can't f*ing breathe. Then there's a siren in the distance. (I think it's actually for the fire department, but I don't know. Sounds like the tornado warning sound in movies. But I know that's not what it's really for because it goes off on nice days, too.)

I look outside. There's a huge tornado. And my mom. She found me. She comes in to say she's sorry. I tell her there's no time for that right now and shove us both into a corner. The roof rips off. We're in the middle, in the eye of the tornado. There are lots of people in the funnel, but they're blurry and moving too fast. A camera comes down (like a security camera). A loud, deep voice asks for our names.

I get up,  state my name,  and say that my family has been on this spot for generations, so it's important that I stay. My mom says her name, but she's crying so hard that it barely comes out. A hand reaches down for me and one starts coming down for her. I grab on.  She reaches just as the voice says no and the hand retracts. I grab at that hand, trying to force it back down, but can't. So I grab her. The man holding me (the one from "my hand" as I can now see that the hands are attached to people, I can see more than just hands now) tells me I have to let her go. Lightning crashes and I see a list scrolling through the funnel, projected in mid air. She's not on it. I know  he's right.

"I love you. Always remember that." I let go of her hand.

And then I woke up.


" Being caught in the centre of the storm it shows that you are taking charge of your life. On the same token, being within the tornado means you are letting someone control you."


"Dream experts commonly suggest that tornado dreams symbolize scattered attention. This may suggest that there is a lot of things going on in your waking life. If your attention is spread out, things can slip by. Having your attention concentrated on multiple activities can also be stressful. Your tornado dream may suggest that you have too much going on. Since tornado dreams symbolize negative emotions, this can be taking a toll on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. This constant juggle can be draining on your emotions.

If you were within the tornado in your tornado dream, this can apply that your life may be spinning out of control. You may feel powerless, overworked, or overwhelmed in your waking life. The stress and anxiety from such emotions can cause you to spiral out of control. These all are very serious emotions that can lead to destructive behavior. You need to take a step back and analyze what you are bringing on yourself. You need to reevaluate your predicament and take the proper steps to make things better.

If you were hiding in your tornado dream, this can represent that you are keeping your emotions within and hiding them from the world.Keeping our emotions inside and not talking about them can result in negative behavior. Eventually, you are going to need to share what you are going through. In your tornado dream, you are hiding because you are fearful of what can happen. This same fear can be applied to your waking life. What is causing your fear? What are you scared of?

If you are caught inside a tornado in your tornado dream, this may symbolize that you are struggling with your inner emotions. Since tornado dreams represent negative emotions, more then likely you are feeling anxiety, fear, depression, or pain. This can be brought on by a variety of different things in your waking life. The worst thing that you can do at this point is keep everything bottled up inside. Tell someone that you know well exactly how you feel."

Interpretation Sites.

Monday, February 6, 2017

#Homes4VetsNotWall idea #LoveTrumpsHate

There are roughly 50,000 homeless Vets. (

The wall which has been purposed (not the Great Wall of China, not the Berlin Wall, but a wall from the Gulf of Mexico to California which a majority of United States citizens oppose) is estimated to cost $15 billion. (Http://

What if houses for Veterans were built on that same wall-designed land? That's $300,000 per house. Or $200,000 a house and $100,000 cash to buy new clothing, go to school, furnish the house, get a car,  make investments, buy food, etc.

1900 miles. 50,000 homes. There would be .038 of a mile per house, or 200 feet. Homes are an average of 45 feet wide, so we're talking about houses 4 times the width of an average home with 20 feet of lawn between. (Maybe someone will add a grocery store every few miles or something. Strip mall. Whatever.)

Wait for the kicker...
Homeless Vets are all military trained personnel. We can pay these people to sit home and guard the border. Oh sure, some of them have gone round the bend. Some have gotten mixed up in various addictions. But now that they'd have better lives, perhaps the VA would have a better shot at rehabilitation.

It just seems like a better plan to try. I mean, if spending that much money on that 1900 miles of land is going to happen no matter what, how about trying to solve a second problem as well? If the Republican party can't be convinced that we'd be better served with stronger education and cultural influnce, at least try to help Vets while toying with the wall of hate.


What left field did my mind pull this idea from? There was a meme I saw earlier today that confused me. It said something to the effect of it being easier to get protesters to the airport to support refugees than it is to get Americans to welcome home troops who fought the people who turned those folks into refugees in the first place.

My first thought was wondering when we stopped having and attending parades.

Then I wondered which social media outlet the military uses to publicly announce the exact time and place of returning troops. I mean, the protests, those were well organized by email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. People who cared were told when and where to show up. I think people would show up to welcome back troops, but I'm not sure that troop movement is announced. I'm also not sure the frequency of returns. Taking one or two personal days off of work to go to a protest can probably be arranged for many people, but if this is a daily occurrence, that's going to take a huge organizational effort. Obviously it can be done. But if someone is supposed to be doing it, they suck at their job.

I'm pretty sure the meme was pointing out how terrible the military whoever-is-in-charge-of-public-notice-of-returning-troops is at their job. Or was complaining that such an office doesn't exist. Or maybe the meme was angry that troops sometimes return to military bases and the public doesn't get invited.

"Other people had a gathering and it was well attended. Why don't troops get that?"

1- Parade organizers fail.
2- Military public notice failure.
3- Is that a potential target for enemies? Returning troops they didn't kill and a bunch of civilians who support those troops... Is there a reason we don't do this?

My point being that the meme seemed to offer up a solvable problem, or at least an issue that has a reason (public safety) why it isn't done. And since I could think of all of this in the same amount of time that it takes to make and share a meme, I started to wonder if there was a hidden agenda.

Perhaps... implying that Democrats do not care about Vets. Which, being a Democrat, I find offensive. And thus my idea.


Sooo... which do you care about more? Homeless Vets getting housing and a job that might reduce immigration by way of the Mexico/America border by 25%, or a wall? Do you love Vets more than concrete?

I'm betting anti-wall people could use this argument.

(I don't actually think we need either. I think the real solution is for the countries with the most to help the countries that people flee from to be better. Something is broken. Instead of trying to turn a bigger blind eye, fix it. Get some smart people to figure out how to get it fixed. Toss out anyone who says "can't" instead of "how." It's a world problem, it needs a world solution. But since we don't have loud or wise enough leaders yet to get this done, I'm offering up a plan to stick it to people who are trying to make my people seem like villains for fighting injustice.)