Thursday, September 29, 2016

Leo and Confrontation

I thought you'd like this Pin on Pinterest...

This actually describes me very well. It's also something my ex never understood about me. There is a reason that I lower my vouce and get hyper-rational as a go to response. The alternative is... Well, the fact that I'm here proves I've never lost when going to the alternative.


Monday, September 26, 2016

#tackletbr childhood book challenge

So I have to figure out how to get this into 1 picture on Instagram. PicShop layers I guess.....

I had to use Goodreads because all of these books are at my parents house or my grandfather's house. I assume. I hope they didn't get lost, sold, or injured! :'(

Now I'm worried.

#TackleTBR Wrap up post and Life Health Update

Thanks to the time set aside for this challenge,  I've read 2 books by one of my top five favorite authors of all time,  and 2 books that were birthday gifts,  and by the end of today will have finished a "here, read this" book from my boss/friend/cousin-in-law.

2+ 2+ 1= 5 books

There was one other I had hoped to get through, but my health took me down during the challenge. (Thanks to the ♡'s who got me emergency medical care at 10pm and "force fed" me things I could eat when the meds and sickness made food icky.)

I know I didn't do Goodreads updates. Whoops. You'd think having the app on my phone would make it a given, but nooooo... lol.  My phone is being hindrance heavy. I'm 5 models behind!  Blargh.

But I manged to stay awake for 16 hours today! First time in 9 days for that. AND I left the house for the first time in 9 days. The sun! The sky! Air! Birds! Yup, all still out there. And and and-- I had real food today! Not just bland food.
Baked potato (okay, that could be bland food diet, but it was yummy)
Chicken Salad hoagie
Rice pudding (okay, again, technically could fit the bland food diet)
Applesauce (yeah yeah, I know)

Actually, that's all I ate. BUT, none of it shot back out of my mouth (yet, knock on wood) so VICTORY!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Less Appetite than a Twilight Vampire

So, having been sick, I have no appetite. This is partly due to meds, and partly due to the strict bland diet I've been put on (twice in one week).

I look at food with all the enthusiasm of eating dirt and then throwing up mud. That was basically Edward's point in the book-- that he could eat people food, it just wasn't yummy anymore.

Applesauce, fruit cup, toast,  Wheaties, mashed potatoes, jell-o, yogurt, noodle soup, broth, a scrambled egg... This is basically all I've eaten since Friday. And I feel like having more of that like I feel like getting mauled by a werewolf. 


I have to eat something. I took my meds. I must eat or suffer the painful consequences.

I'm off to shove something down my gullet. Then more reading!

#tackletbr book review

Here is a review by Jamie:

#TackleTBR #Bookflag

I made a bookflag of blues and yellow for the city flag of Philadelphia. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

#tackletbr name game

I can't find my copy of Jurassic Park. The Jack book will have to do.



I managed to read more of my half dragon book last night. I've been terribly ill the last few days and thus have fallen behind because the meds make me sleep for like 20 hours. :/

Sunday, September 18, 2016

#OperationAwesomeOwls #TackleTBR

#OperationAwesomeOwls #TackleTBR

Hedwig from Harry Potter is on the back cover of the book next to the giant inflatable owl.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Once Upon a Today

Once upon a today...
I drove John to work.
Then went to Pretzel Factory for 20 for $5 pretzels.
Then went to ★$ (that's Starbucks for those who don't speak text), and had a scrumptious Salted Caramel Mocha Frappicino.
Stopped at the atm for some monies$ss.

Went to Katie's and chilled with her,  Eric, and ♡the kitties♡. Temporarily fixed my purse. Played DrawSomething.

Picked up Nicki. Went to E I E I O or whatever that I'm not dumb enough to say here with Pat F.

Then we went to Wegman's to aquire Spanish foods for her kid who needs them for school TOMORROW. 

And then we ran away to endless shrimp at Red Lobster.

But, of course, my phone died, so no texts or sexts from John. (The only downside of today. Though effort was made to charge,  and attempt to text via Nicki's phone was made. But, alas... )

And "Our Song" ( ) by Matchbox 20 came on. And I giggled and said,  "Hey, this can be our song!" Nicki will laugh more about this later when she reads the lyrics "this can be our song, this can be our song."

And then my favorite song of all time,  "Amazing" by Aerosmith,  came on the radio on the way home. Followed by "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls-- which is one of my fav bands.

I have leftover Red Lobster in my fridge. ♡

It was a pretty spectacular day. :)

#tackletbr two hues

The two hues I chose are red and yellow (which makes orange, so that's kinda in there).

I was editing duty and taking a class last night, so I didn't have any reading progress. And Tuesday was writing group. Hopefully Thursday night will let me steal an hour.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

#TackleTBR goals

There are some freaking sweet books I received for my birthday last month. My goal is to read the preciousessss. ;)

And if I manage that,  then perhaps dive into books I got for Christmas last year. Ha ha, whoops.