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Chuck A Kiss #WEPFF #WEP Moonlight Sonata

Chuck A Kiss

By Jamie of Uniquely Maladjusted but Fun

schoolbus image
I stare out the window as the school bus nears our stop for the last time this year. Over my shoulder, I wish Chuck a lovely summer. He doesn't reply. As the last two students on the bus, sometimes we talk, but other times we ignore each other. Since he's a senior, this is his last ride. Guess he's sticking with silence.

The bus glides to a stop. I grab my barren backpack and turn toward the aisle. Something flies at my face. My arms protect my head as I kick with self-defense instinct. Chuck flees off the bus. I take a moment to catch my breath. 

Did Chuck try to kiss me?

The scene mentally replays as I leave. His messenger bag hit my shoulder. My wrist is wet from colliding with his lips. He was what flew at me.

The bus driver and I exchange goodbyes as I step off the bus. Chuck is already down the road, rounding the bend toward his home. I could go after him, or up the hill to my house, possibly never seeing him again. 

"Chuck? Wait up," I call out. Do I want to kiss him? The thought never occurred to me before.

He trips over a fallen branch. I sprint over and crouch beside him.

"Leave me alone!" Chuck shoves my hand when I touch his arm. Tears stream under his glasses. 

"No. Please don't make me chase you. I want to know why you lunged at me."

"Screw you," he moves to get away, so I pin him down. I'm a powerhouse athlete, he's a brittle anime groupie.

I seize his chin to force him to look at me. "You lunged at me. That scared me half to death. What was your intention?"

He struggles to hide his face. I release his chin.

"We've made small talk on the bus a few times. You've never moved closer. Never asked for my contact information. Then, out of the blue, you threw yourself at me when I wasn't paying attention."

"Let me up."

I growl in frustration. "Fine. You owe me an apology." 

As I move off of him, I take his shoe.

"Give it back," he cries as he sits up and pulls his knees to his chest.

"Explanation or apology first. Preferably both." I sit on his stolen shoe.

"You wouldn't understand."

I huff at him. "Were you trying to kiss me? Yes or no."

He glances at me, nods, and then looks away. 

I pull out my phone and flick on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. He watches me. "Piano music helps me calm down. Was it me you were hoping to kiss? Or was I a random target?"

Chuck examines a blade of grass.

"Kissing someone just to say you did? Last day of high school for you. Probably never see me again. Decided to just plant one on me and run off. Was that your thought process?"

He drops the grass.

zipper blouse image
"Wow. Well, why stop there?" I yank down the zipper of my yellow blouse, revealing a tight, low-cut tank top underneath. "Here's your chance. Biggest pair in the tenth-grade class."

He ogles my chest for a moment, flushes, and turns away.

"Not good enough? What if you take off your jeans and we bang in the bushes on Kellerman's yard? Brag about that for the rest of your life."

"You're such a— "

"What? Come on. Pick your insult. Think you have words worse than your actions? I'm a person, Chuck." I zip my blouse back up. "Not a thing for stealing kisses."

"Like you'd have ever agreed to kiss me." He stands up. I flick his shoeless foot.

"Maybe I would have." 

"Yeah, right. After you dated Jace, I'm so sure you'd kiss me."

"Oh, that's it, is it? Just wanted to be where Jace once was? I'm not just a thing; I'm a thing he once wanted?" Tears burn as they pour down my face. I get up and throw his shoe at him. "How dare you. I have never been mean to you. Never called you Upchuck or Chucky-No-Lucky. I stood up for you. But, to you, I'm nothing but Jace's ex."

"No." He touches my arm. I pull away. I tap my phone, moving the music just past the eight-minute mark. He raises an eyebrow. I turn to storm off. He grabs my hand.

"How did he get you?"

I pull free. "Not by grabbing or lunging at me!"

Cementing my eyes closed, I press the phone against my chest. I want to feel the music and nothing else. 

"The first time we kissed, Jace stood near me. Close enough to feel each other's breath. He was so still, and his smile was so bright. His lips were an invitation. I wasn't taken, commanded, or conquered. He's not at all what everyone thinks he's like."

"Are you back together with him?"

I swing my backpack to smack Chuck's arm. "No! That's another apology you owe me."

"You're still in love with him. I don't stand a chance."

I ram my finger against his feeble chest. "You don't want a chance. All you want is some experience. To proclaim you kissed before you graduated high school. You don't care who, as long as it happens."

"Giulietta," he moves my finger away.

"Julie," I correct him.

"Giulietta," he touches my chin. "I do want the chance to know you better. And to kiss you. Not someone else. I wanted to seize the moment, just once, because I know I'm no Jace. One kiss before you had the chance to say no."

I take a step back. "You'll find that I'm big on consent. And hate being called by my given name."

955 Words Full Critique Acceptable
Tagline: An unanticipated kiss fails, revealing a crush.

"Beethoven took Countess Giulietta Guicciardi on as a pupil in around 1801 and soon fell in love with her. His Sonata Op. 27 no. 2, 'Moonlight Sonata' is dedicated to her." - Giulietta Guicciardi (1784-1856), Beethoven and Moonlight Sonata
I named my main character for the woman the song is dedicated to. Also, the song is played in the story.
The opening of this piece is true. However, I'm not an athlete (though I was stronger than Chuck, but not faster), and I took the other path. I went home and never saw him again. I have absolutely no idea why the song made me think of him. Honestly, hadn't recalled that moment in 22 years. I don't regret my choice (he was a racist with a mean streak). Just thought it'd be fun to fictionalize the moment and play with the road not taken. I played with yellow ๐ŸŒž, like the sun, the "opposite celestial" to the moon๐ŸŒ›, as the true story had the opposite path of this flash fiction. 

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WEP Please Read the Letter #WEPFF Flash Fiction Story Scene

WEPFF June 2022

This month's prompt is based on Please Read the Letter by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - a break up song and a moving plea for understanding at the termination of a relationship. Neither of these musicians need an introduction of course, both have umpteen awards to their names individually. The album Raising Sand where the track is included is a platinum with more than a million sold. The song was first composed and recorded by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and appeared on their album Walking into Clarksdale in 1998. It was rerecorded later again by Plant and Krauss in 2007 and was well received by critics. It went on to win the Grammy for the Record of the Year in 2009.

I never heard this song before, or of Plant or Krauss. Guess I live under a rock.

Anywho, I am using a scene from my WIP. (Another scene was in Write Club. Round 10) It's political fiction. Bess is the main character and narrator. Her name doesn't come up in this scene. Here's a glimpse at part of her character sketch.
Bess Character Sheet

The scene opens with Bess lounging on the upper deck of her house. I don't know how common double decks are around the world. Better setting descriptions are in the main story. So there's a link to one of my Pinterest boards, in case you've never seen a multi-story deck and are having a difficult time picturing this. It isn't very different from a balcony, except there are stairs outside that link it to a deck, porch, or patio below.

Konnor is exactly two years older than Bess. (He was born Jan 30, 2001. She was born Jan 30, 2003.) Riq has been his friend since childhood. There's some conflict as Riq (and his family) are part of a Christian terrorist group that claims it's a church; whereas Konnor has been exploring Wicca.

The actual story opens in May 2020. This scene takes place somewhere between June to July 2021. ๐Ÿ˜ท Bess is vaccinated and wears a mask. Konnor and Riq are opposed to Covid protections and are anti-vaxxers. However, Konnor has agreed to keep six feet apart from his sister because her doctors made a big stink about how vulnerable her craniopharyngioma makes her to Covid-19. This scene is NOT ABOUT Covid, but when you see how the siblings move around each other, well, that's why. 

Trigger warning: There is a pro-life/ pro-choice abortion mention. The place mentioned is based on a real location in my area where real protestors were really charged after assaulting a real person. 

Tagline: Hate jumps to conclusions. 
Scene Title: No Longer Yours
Author: Jamie 
Words: 984  FCA

When we were little, I nicknamed Riq "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi," after the story of the mongoose. I stopped calling him that when he was about fourteen and I was thirteen. He got weird around me, which is difficult to describe. I felt uncomfortable around him and avoided being alone together. I attempted to talk to mom about it, but she didn't process what I was saying. She went on about what a nice boy he is. Told me that he mowed his grandfather's lawn. 

If today, Riq doesn't want his conversation with my brother overheard, they can go elsewhere. Or tell me to buzz off, as usual. I'm not intentionally eavesdropping. I'm lounging on the upper deck, clearly visible to anyone below who happens to look up.

Riq hands a red envelope to Konnor. "I need you to deliver this tomorrow after I'm gone."

Konnor turns it over. "What is it?"

"I was going to leave it nailed to Valentina's door. But I don't know if I want her parents or siblings to find it. Part of me does. I want to go to her father and tell him why I've broken up with her. Let him deal with that mess."

"What? You're breaking up with your girl?" Konnor puts the letter on the lid of the grill.

"I was going to propose before I leave for Montana. That's when I ran into Mike Bog at the pawn shop."

"The pawn shop?" My brother asks the dumbest questions. Ask why he's breaking up with her!

"Yeah. Figured I could afford a ring there. Anyway, you know how Mike is always protesting and preaching, trying to get people to follow The Word?"

Konnor nods as he scratches his black nail polish.

"He told me things. In fact, he pulled out his phone and showed me proof. Bro, she's been cheating on me. Giving it up to some guy. And then…" Riq hangs his head. "I can't say it. I'm ashamed for her, and of her, and of myself for having dated her. There's no way I can break up with her face to face. I'm too angry, too disgusted. I've been chewing on it for a week."

"Explains why you blew us off on the weekend. Man, that sucks. I thought you two were rock solid. She hook up with someone we know? Anyone I need to keep from sniffing around here?" Konnor tilts his head, motioning to my room, toward the deck I'm sitting on. 

Riq looks up to where Konnor indicated. He spots me and scowls. "How long you been spying on us?"

My spine snaps straight and the hair on my arms rises to attention. "What?" I tug at my ears, pulling out earbuds that aren't really there. "Couldn't hear you?"

"I asked what you're listening to."

"Expectations by Three Days Grace." Yes, I just went with one of my favorite songs. Riq's eyes narrow, then he turns his attention back to my brother.

"I don't know. Talk to Mike if you want. I know you two don't run in the same circles much. Or ask the traitor when you drop that off tomorrow."

Konnor nods. "Keep in touch, yeah?"

They do that guy handshake and half-hug move before Riq leaves. Konnor carries the envelope inside. 


I head downstairs to grab dinner. The red envelope is on the steps. "Please Read This" is written on the front. I know it isn't for me, but how can I resist such an invitation?


Mike Bog saw you at the Women's Clinic on South Commerce. You've been cheating on me. Worse yet, you killed a baby to hide evidence that you cheated and that you aren't a virgin. I could maybe forgive the cheating. I could even maybe forgive you for breaking our vow to wait for each other until we got married. But abortion? I don't know who you are anymore. We don't share the same values. I suspected as much when you went out and got that godless vaccine. Prayer alleviates all and prevents diseases. If your faith was strong enough, you wouldn't need a vaccine, and wouldn't be having relations outside of marriage. 

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” - 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

You reap what you sow. I need more in a woman than you can give me. Faith, trust, and fidelity; all qualities I no longer believe you have or value. Our relationship is over. Please do not contact me.

No longer yours, 

"Put it down!" Konnor hisses when he finds me. 

"Sorry. I saw an envelope that said to read— "

"I know what it says! It isn't for you. Put it down." He takes a step closer. I double-check my mask before setting the letter and envelope on the steps. "He's wrong, you know."

"Riq can break up in a letter if he wants. Not your business."

I come down the steps. Konnor and I keep six feet apart as we switch spots, him heading upstairs. "Valentina goes there for laser hair removal."

"What?" Konnor folds the letter and eases it back into the envelope. "You don't know anything about this."

"Okay. If you say so. But I'm right. It takes a couple of months to do a spot." I place my finger above my lip. "Guess Riq isn't much of a kisser if he didn't notice the change."

"Who would go to an abortion clinic for hair removal?"

I shrug. "Who would call a hair removal place an abortion clinic? The Women's Clinic on South Commerce has lots of other health services. That's like calling a grocery store a magazine stand. Technically you can buy magazines there, but that's not their primary revenue."

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#prochoice I am NOT an Incubator

#atozchallenge Uniquely Maladjusted but Fun Reflection 2022

Reflections 2022 #atozchallenge

It was a pretty fun month. I visited a couple of cool blogs. 
Some of my posts were more like tv fan fiction than short fake episode descriptions.

Bones got 13 comments.
Family Guy was a full script with CURRENT EVENT humor that a commentator felt matched the show's humor.
Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show. I wrote an ending episode that would fit perfectly if this show ended this season. I may have predicted some things that have/will happened on the show. That's going to be my Road Trip link.
Nailed It! got no love, but Nicole is awesome.
Supernatural 2 Broke Girls (a completely impossible crossover episode) was so fun to write.
Veronica Mars was not the draw I expected.
West Wing, I did have a little rant because of current US events, but still, thought it would have been more popular. 

I also did an Iron Chef ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ episode. And today it was announced that show is BACK and going to be on Netflix.

I definitely had more guests and comments than usual. That's why the challenge is awesome.
My theme came to me while scrolling for a binge-watch.

I did the #azchat on Instagram. I  am still banned from Twitter for threatening the negative voices of self-doubt, but maybe that will change with Musk?

Will America's future look more like Eureka and Star Trek, or have we plateaued into a permanent cycle of Roe v Wade and the Scopes Monkey Trial? I'll probably blog about that eventually. My state of Pennsylvania has a big election coming up. My blog doesn't usually feature tv shows, but rather fiction and rants. 

The team is great. The story on J's blog was cool. Easy to use Google spreadsheets and forms. The graphics match the usual, so that's cool. Looking forward to next year.
gif #AtoZChallenge 2022 WINNER badge animated

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#atozchallenge The Dead Zone

#AtoZChallenge 2022 Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter

The Dead Zone

Johnny touches a keyboard. ⌨๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ“ฑ A vision!
There's a blogger staring at their blog and feeling lonely and sad. ๐Ÿ˜”
Not enough visitors? Not enough comments? But the blogger blogged all month! Really interesting stuff. 
Johnny goes over to Sarah's place.
"Have you heard of blogging?"
"Yeah, Johnny, I wasn't the one in a coma for years."
Sarah and Johnny ๐Ÿง ๐ŸŒฉ brainstorm ways to bring more comments and visits to the blogger. 
Johnny gets another vision.

"I have to visit a guy named Arlee. He'll create a blogging challenge using the alphabet. It will bring the community together. Every April, hundreds of bloggers from all over the world will post and visit each other to comment. That will help the blogger I'm seeing feel less alone." ✈

And the rest is history. ๐Ÿ˜‰

uniquely maladjusted but fun .blogspot #AtoZChallenge 2022
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#atozchallenge How I Met Your Mother

#AtoZChallenge 2022 Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter

How I Met Your Mother

Marshall eats 30-cent tacos from a corner truck. Everyone thinks he'll get sick from them. ๐ŸŒฎ He doesn't, at first, but then he eats too many. WAY too many. Barney pays the truck not to serve Marshall.

Lily, Robin, and Barney go to a concert. Robin gets on stage.
"Boobs?" Barney asks.
"I know people," says Robin.
"People who like boobs?" Barney jokes.
"I was a Canadian pop star." Robin flashes a smile. 
At the end of the episode, it's revealed Lily flashed Robin's boobs.

Ted goes to a laundromat. He runs into his ex. They had a lizard together. She gave it away to another boyfriend. While they're doing laundry, his sweater gets mixed in with her stuff. It's clear he has a chance to go home with her for sex. But then she ruins his sweater. 
"She gave away our lizard and she ruined my sweater!"
"Ted, you could have gotten laid," Barney yells.
Ted repeats himself.
"Gotten laid!" Barney repeats. 
They turn to Marshall. 
"Yeah, I have to agree with Barney on this one. Lily, flash Robin's boobs to Ted. He's forgotten how great boobs are."
Everyone laughs. Ted is disappointed that Robin's boobs aren't actually flashed. 

uniquely maladjusted but fun .blogspot #AtoZChallenge 2022
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#atozchallenge X-files

#AtoZChallenge 2022 Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter

The X-Files


Mulder and Scully are out on a boat. Scully is swept into the ocean. Once she's back on board, she asks, "where is he?" Then describes a handsome young man with curly blond hair and stunning green eyes. 

Mulder is convinced she was saved by a merman. Scully is not.
"Must have been a dolphin."
"With blond hair?"
"I was deprived of oxygen. I hallucinated. Or there's a person down there. A drowning victim."

They investigate. Treasure is found. But no people. 

For those who believe, no explanation is needed, for those who don't, none will ever do.

uniquely maladjusted but fun .blogspot #AtoZChallenge 2022
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