Monday, August 13, 2018

IntenseDebate Comment Problems

For whatever reason, IntenseDebate no longer works on this blog.

Perhaps there was an update I missed. Maybe there was a problem with the HTML I couldn't find. The only instructions on the site were how to reinstall it (and none of those are relevant or understandable without a working knowledge of the last dozen updates) or how to remove it (and even that took an hour to figure out because they're for an old version). The Twitter feed hasn't been updated for years, so I'm guessing this is something that was abandoned and no one told me.

The comments are still available for me to see if I log into the Intense Debate website. However, after removing it from my blog, they are no longer visible here.

IntenseDebate comment count as of 2018

I doubt my comment counter will continue to work now that I've uninstalled Intense Debate. It was the only way to get comments to turn back on, unfortunately.

Sorry if something you once said has now vanished. Please know that I'm grateful for the words and read all of them. I even managed an occasional reply! They still exist, but I have no idea how to move them to this blog from the IntenseDebate site that has them held hostage.

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