Tuesday, June 30, 2020

National Human Resources

There's a problem where people get hired for their gender, race, creed, looks, etc etc etc; and a more qualified candidate does not. There's a problem where wages are based on those same biases.

What if there was a National Human Resources? Employers would no longer be responsible for hiring or wage division.

Company A submits to the NHR what they're looking for in a candidate. Here's the thing, whatever "qualities" they're looking for, someone was already trained to look for those. It's teachable. It's documentable. It can be quantified. Therefore, it can be outsourced to NHR.

Oh, Company A needs someone that can get along with their group? Well that means that the current HR person at Company A knows what it takes to get along. They know the person should enjoy basketball, should be able to discuss nail polish colors, should have a favorite cookie, etc. Anything that isn't prejudice is something that could be covered in a question. See how that works?

(And if you don't like the person that gets hired, you're gonna need to put your finger on why. Gotta make sure it isn't because they aren't <insert prejudice reason here> enough.)

Also, every position at every job will report the current pay. Company A pays X dollars for this job. The qualifications for a pay increase is Y. NHR will review if employees are eligible upon request once per quarter or year, depending on how often Company A gives raises. If no one "at the bottom" is qualifying for raises, that "bonus money" that top tier usually gets is being put into an employee training improvement program. The people at the top aren't doing a good enough job if the people at the bottom aren't rising.

Anyone unemployed will use NHR to get job offers. Matches in their area and matches with better pay in other areas will also be suggested.

Headhunters are all going to have to work with NHR.

Resumes will be complied in the NHR database. People won't make them anymore. Either you're qualified or you aren't. We won't be using names, addresses, phone numbers, or other such information. No, like social security, everyone gets an NHR number. This will help ensure jobs aren't given based on bias information.

You know who really will dislike this? Colleges and Universities. There goes the notion that a degree from a community college holds better job opportunities than one from Big State U.

This is just the base idea. Obviously, there needs to be computer algorithms and figure out how to hire people for NHR and how to get every company in America onboard.

Other jobs, too. Have you been hired to do politics? Your wage will be based on how often you do your job and how many of your constitutes agree you're doing it well. (People will be asked on a quarterly payday, and will not be paid unless they answer. Answering "no opinion" is allowed.)

Staying at home as a parent, house spouse, or caregiver will also now generate a minimum wage income. NHR will not consider parenting as being "out of the workforce," but rather as gaining experience in other areas. NHR is also going to destroy the discrimination against pregnancy. And while we're at it, maternity and paternity leave are going to exist, be for a real length like other industrialized nations, and are no longer going to hold someone back (or give someone else an advantage) in the job market. Babies will get to be as important as jobs! Population generation will get to matter. And those who don't raise a family will get to retire earlier or get equal time off after a certain age or something. Because that choice is also valid, but it won't be a competitive edge in the career world.

Plan to take your business overseas because you can't find workers here? Prove it to the NHR or face hefty fines. Intend to toss out a bunch of people just before they reach retirement or other benefits? Better be ready to justify that to the NHR, who will likely find the money by cutting the pay of the CFO. That's right -- no one gets laid off while top tier people make over six figures. Let me say that again -- NO ONE gets laid off while anyone at the same company makes more than $99,999 a year (including money from stocks and bonds and stuff, because loopholes are getting tied shut). You want to know a big obstacle to the NHR? Rich people who don't want to pay people well.

I've been thinking about this idea for some time because of the wage gap. But what inspired me to write this today was this video:

So that's my idea. Please don't comment with why it won't work. Be useful, comment with how it COULD work, how you'd fix whatever reason it doesn't work.

It's time to start fixing things. Equal pay for equal work. Hiring based on real qualifications. Raises based on effort. Accountability for vastly overpaid top-level people.

Anyway, this is just a blog post. It's just an idea. Unless someone with authority makes it happen, it's little more than fiction. A plot bunny for a better America.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

#WEP #WEPFF Urban Nightmare 1000-word Flash Fiction #PUSHunt


1000 words on the dot! Full critique accepted.

Sally's Urban Nightmare

The loud crashing sound seemed to shake the apartment. Two more crashes followed a second later, along with crying.

Sally rushed to her daughter’s bedroom. When the door wouldn’t open, she kicked it in. "What was that?"

Rose screamed in agony between sobs.

"Hush. I have to call for help."

This would be it. One too many trips to the doctor. This time with twisted, bloody fingers that were lodged under a door. She pulled the older style phone from her pocket. It took a moment for the screen to light.

"Help’s coming. "

"No, no, no! No more needles!"

Sally huffed as she went to the front door, cracked it open, then returned to Rose.

"What were you thinking? Haven't I told you to be careful?"

Rose clutched her doll in her good hand as her mother moved the fallen fort.

"You climbed up on the dresser to hang the sheet."

Rose whimpered as she rolled to face her injured, trapped hand. "It just fell."

"No. You fell. Because you can't climb. I've told you that. You were supposed to be in here taking a nap." Sally tossed the fallen book stack aside. She grabbed a pair of pants and socks from the dresser.

"You're going to wear pants, socks, and shoes with your nightgown to the hospital. No arguments." Rose wiggled between sobs, dressed just as help arrived.

"She's back here. I can't get her fingers out from under the door."

The paramedics helped Rose as Sally explained to the officer that she'd heard a crash and burst through the door, worried for her daughter. "She was supposed to be napping. I just got her down not five minutes before and taken a moment to use the bathroom."

"How long between the crash and you getting to her this time?"

Sally dug her nails into her hands. No way was she taking the blame for this. "Seconds. I kicked the door in to get to her. That's how her hand got caught."

The officer nodded. Sally excused herself and, Rose's shoes in hand, stormed to the girl's bedroom.

"We have her free." A paramedic said when she got there. Rose was staying still for them. But still clutching her doll.

"You know they don't let you take toys to the hospital." Sally held out her hand.

Rose’s screaming and flailing started again. Sally didn't budge. The officer eventually knelt down and retrieved the doll. He glared at it.

"Jennter," Rose cried as she reached as far as she could, but the paramedics were taking her away.

"She still has this?" The officer shoved the doll at Sally.

"Can we go? I should be with her. Didn't even get her shoes on. But I have them. See? New condition." Sally tossed the doll aside.

"Mmmhmm," the officer motioned for her to lead them out.

Rose returned home three days later. She wobbled to her room as fast as she could. Sally yelled to be careful.

"Jennter? Jennter?" Rose searched under the bed, in the drawers, and in the wash hamper.

"There's a new doll on your bed. Gift from the cop. This one is named Marie. See? All the letters on her box. Unlike the Jennifer doll from that toy drive."

"Where's Jennter?"

Sally picked up the new doll. "Marie. Can you stay still while I use the bathroom? Have you had enough doctors poking you this week to at least not cause another accident?"

Rose took the new doll from the box and asked it to help her find Jennter. Sally walked away. 

She came back to find clothing everywhere and the bed unmade. "I was gone for a blink!"

"I can't find Jennter!"

Sally's face scrunched as if she bit a rotten lemon. "Jennifer is gone. Took off because you couldn't behave. Clean up this mess or Marie will follow."

"No. Jennter wouldn't leave. You sent her away."

"That doll was scrap. You have a new one. Now clean up."

"She wasn't scrap! I'm not scrap. She was healing from her ouchies, like me. Her skin had markings like mine does. Her hair was patchy like mine because some of her brain came out too. And she had arm holes like me. That's why you don't like her. You don't like me! You want Marie as a daughter. Take her!" Rose chucked the doll at her mother.

"Enough. Clean, nap, or play with the doll. But you stay in this room. And no climbing on the furniture or I'll throw it out."

"Like you tossed out Jennter. Like you want to kick me out."

"Stay quiet until dinner." Sally slammed the door. She went to the kitchen and banged a pot onto the stove. Just one day where it isn't so hard, she prayed.

Once the pasta and chicken was on the table, she called Rose, who didn't answer.

"I know you hear me calling," Sally said as she wedged the bedroom door open. Rose wasn't on the bed. Sally dropped to her knees and looked under it, but the girl wasn't there. She checked the dresser and the hamper.


Sally ran around the apartment, calling her daughter's name, searching every hiding place. Then she felt a cool breeze on her neck.

Rose knew not to go into Sally's room. She knew she wasn't allowed near the bedroom window. She wasn't supposed to climb on the dresser to unlatch it. Or to open it onto the fire escape.

That rusted death trap. The building was nearly condemned over that. The owner had been fined again and again. Yet there it hung, clanging in every storm. Sally ran over and looked out.

Marie sat perched on the rusted fire escape.

Sally dialed her old phone, cursing as it retarded her speed in an emergency. "My daughter is gone!"

The wind whipped through the urban buildings, a new nightmare swirling between the leaves and litter. A cat hissed from the alley far below. Sally looked down and screamed.

Friday, June 12, 2020


I am not going to attack JK Rowling for her tweet or later responses. But I do wish I understood why she wouldn't want young girls to be allowed to retain the title of girl instead of forcing them to call themselves women, especially in countries that still believe in "old enough to bleed, old enough to breed." There's also a huge trans argument, but plenty of people are covering that topic.

Before I start, here are screenshots:

The article she is referencing:

The issue at hand is how difficult it is for some people during this time. Particularly because many poor people lost access to hygiene products. And having others see menstrual blood can cause sexual assaults and forced marriages. (Implied, but not stated directly, in the article.) This is especially dangerous for persons under the age of 18. Persons who might, in certain cases, be better protected by referring to them as GIRLS instead of WOMEN. 

Sure, it is sometimes called the journey into womanhood. And sometimes that is the line between girl and woman. But as menstruation is starting at earlier ages, it's becoming more and more important to change that mindset. (Also, it isn't inclusive of gender non-binary persons, the trans community, gender fluid, etc.)

I don't believe that periods make someone an adult. I don't believe that a menarch should automatically end childhood. And I don't believe that those old enough to bleed are actually instantly old enough to breed. Or that anyone should be forced to breed! (Male, female, or other. CONSENT matters. And a shedding uterus shouldn't overrule that.) 

I also don't believe that someone should get to be in the fame spotlight for having abused someone. 

So while I don't understand the language word choice JK took issue with, why she doesn't like the use of girl or gender non-binary persons to describe some people who menstruate, I really don't think that was a reason to track down an abuser and give them a platform.

I can't get all that in a Tweet. Hopefully I'm more clear here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Nuclear Winter Is Not the Solution to Global Warming


Today I had to actually write my Congress people to ask they not allow our president to fire nuclear weapons at the weather. ⛈🌦🌬🌊☃️

This world is just a little too fictional for me.

The conversation I imagine happened:

"What if I press the button?" 🍊🏌️‍♂️

"Sir?" Idiot. "The red button? We all die."

"How do you know? Have we pressed it before?"🍊🏌️‍♂️

"It sets off the nuclear weapons. Global winter."

"WINTER! Well now I bigly gotta press it. Winter will make the demmycrats think I fixed the icecaps they're always whining about. Can't have global warming and winter! Ha."🍊🏌️‍♂️

"Mister President," vomits in mouth a little calling him that, "no. That's really... that's not..."

"I'm gonna press it."🍊🏌️‍♂️

"You need Congress." You need Jesus. And a psychiatrist. And to locked away.

"Damn Congress. They're gonna say no."🍊🏌️‍♂️

One can only hope. "We still have to ask."

Monday, June 8, 2020

PUSH - Prompts Unity Scavenger Hunt #PUSHunt Round 2 #creative #prompt

The first round was on https://jlennidorner.blogspot.com/2020/06/push-prompts-unity-scavenger-hunt.html

Your second hint is the animal represented at this link = https://www.pinterest.com/pin/479492691559332113/

Remember, you won't verify that you've used the Scavenger Hunt hint for Round 2 on this post.
That will be on J's blog later.
(Depending on if anyone signs up to play.)

On THIS post, comment if you've done ROUND ONE.

There are two key elements to your comment.

  • You mention the hint. This way we know you went to the link and "hunted."
  • You state that you did something creative.

For Round One, I created a YouTube video where I used an orange.
How about you?

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Two relevant topics and some survey results

I joined a political survey group a few years ago. I don't remember how. They don't pay for my time. It's usually only a dozen questions so I only need a minute to answer them. Anyway, after the survey there's an opportunity to see results of prior questions.

If you ever want to figure out which of these two parties aligns with your morals, there you go. That's a pretty clear chart on if Black Lives Matter to those parties. What's next?

There's a graph of how it's going, considering recent events.

I found this on Facebook. Pretty accurate for someone who wants to ditch the First Amendment and break the law that prevents the use of the military against US CITIZENS. But hey...

Next topic:

Here is another disturbing graph. The amount of concern isn't related to the life/ disability/ death tolls.

So here we can see which party is more worried about the virus that is killing off people. Interestingly, the Republican party has more older members. You'd think that would matter. Apparently not, unless they just don't do polls.

And this last one is my state. As you can see, we're very divided on giving a damn about the virus. Some of us want to live, and value the lives of older Pennsylvanians enough to want them to live too. But some just don't care.

Friday, June 5, 2020

#PUSHunt 🍊 Vegetarian #Recipe and Cooking #Fail


Part 1 of the cooking is there.


Part 2 is there, but my Instagram account is private! So here is a copy of the aftermath pictures.

I found the smoothie blender!

Long cuts. How I chop celery.

Forgot to put the tomatoes in the salsa!

Celery, onion, and garlic cooking.

Scooping and cooking.

One flip before they're done.

Clementines! (Not mandarin oranges or tangerines, as named in the video.)

Finished product! 
At least it tasted good.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Drinking #water

This 20oz bottle is what I use. Ignore the label because that's not what's in there. It's filtered tap water. I happen to really like this style of bottle and lid. Would I rather that it had cute kittens or whatever? Sure. But it's clear, so I know how much is in there. It has survived many rounds in my dishwasher. If it falls over, not much spills out. And it's very easy to open and close. Plus, it's easy to grip, which is nice on hot days when my breathing has gotten bad and thus I can't really feel my hands.

Just sharing what I use. I suggest watching the video attached.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Reflection #AtoZchallenge 2020, Alton Brown Love, and a Short Story #FlashFiction LGBTQIA+

Reflection #atozchallenge 2020

  • I managed to get all my posts done this year! 
  • I also entered WriteClub 2020. 🀞 
  • I worked on my writing. 
  • I entered a flash fiction contest (tied for second).
  • I celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary – we even opened the wine we were saving.
  • I fell behind on journaling. 
  • I didn't keep up with my commenting. 
  • I'm behind on email replies.
  • I've had several arguments on Facebook with people who... don't share my belief in the seriousness of the pandemic. 

Our special drink to celebrate our anniversary.

Look what I spotted on an old episode of Desperate Housewives. A to Z Yellow Pages.

Biolidics, a company from Singapore, has a rapid test for the virus! Video: facebook.com/nasdaily

Wear a mask! Support the United States Postal Service! πŸ“¬ Follow Alton Brown's Quarantine Quitchen on YouTube because he, his wife, and their two dogs are adorable! πŸ’‘πŸΆπŸ•

That's the prompt and this is my entry (this was before I saw the show Upload). (Trigger warnings: current pandemic, LGBTQIA+)

Welcome to Third Life _ _ _


"You just pick your name and password to get started. Think to type," the sales representative says as she rearranges my bedside table.

"Right. But this isn't a regular website."

"The instructions are all on the screen. At any time, say 'exit' and an option to quit will appear."

"What happens if I quit?"

She gnaws on her lip before answering. "I've never seen that happen. But you are free to leave any time."

"Why did you pause?"

"Because I'm in the world. I had to cancel and close my box after saying the word. Any other questions you have are answered in the program," she says as she leaves.

I probably shouldn't do this. But she looked so real! I could smell her, and it wasn't a cleaning product scent, but perfume. Her skin felt real to my touch. That's what skin still feels like, right? Anyone who comes in here hides behind a biohazard suit, as do I. She didn’t need to.

I click the FAQ.

Do I have to use my real name?

—  No! In Third Life you can be your most true self, whoever you feel that is. Upgrades and changes for your avatar are purchasable. Usernames are permanent but in-game IDs can be altered for a fee.

I type a username and password. I've seen Avatar and the Matrix movies. And I played SecondLife for years. I know this isn't much different. Except those were movies and a game. This is real life.

Real life? I think that ended back in Nineteen or Twenty. Reality tumbled into a portal dimension of country-sized fires, quakes, sickness, and building-sized asteroids.

The screen starts with an avatar that looks like me. Or, at least, the me that was. Back when smiles weren't hidden behind masks. Hair that was cut and styled: what a memory!

This biohazard suit is like my closet. I dared not come out of it before. I've pretended to be Cis to survive. But the avatars that live in the world are without violence. I can be my real self now.

I scroll through base avatars until I find what I want. There. The body that reflects who I feel I look like.

Hours have passed by the time I've perfected making my avatar. I step out into the world for the first time as my true self.

What will happen to my birth body? They say the avatar never dies. But my birth body was about to expire. I survived the first two virus waves, but won't survive cardiomyopathy. If I exit, is that suicide?

When my birth body dies the biohazard suit, my closet, will be discarded. So I'm out. There's no going back. I'm going to have to live as my true self among the remaining thirty-million survivors. Is that a silver lining, or a tinfoil one?

#AtoZChallenge 2020 badge

How was your April? I hope you liked my story.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Zombie Mummy #AtoZchallenge #rpg #fantasy #prompt #pandemic

My theme is a month of prompts and ideas for tabletop role-playing games or prompts for fantasy writers.
#AtoZChallenge 2020 badge

Zombie Mummy

People in a fictional society were having a fictional pandemic. And the fictional leader suggested they inject cleaning products into their lungs. A disinfectant producer flat out tells people not to do this, but they do anyway. Really, what kind of leader would even speculate about injecting cleaning products into the lungs? But there you go, people doing it, and the poorest people eating and snorting soap. "I was only kidding!" the leader claims as his people die.

A wizard, who was banned from the kingdom by the leader, attempts a spell to end the pandemic. He doesn't know about the cleaning products. By chance, having soapy lungs is the only way this spell could possibly backfire. (But really, who would think someone would have cleaning product in the lungs? I mean, come on...) So everyone in the fictional land that was still alive or recently died and followed the idea of the leader turns into a zombie. Those who had died earlier in the week after following the idea become zombie mummies (walking around with bandages, because that's how the land cares for their dead). Oh, and anyone who ignored the cleaning idea has just been cured of the pandemic and now has to deal with zombies and zombie mummies.

Your party might include the wizard, adventurers from other lands, residents from the land...
Kill them? Try to cure them? Risk restarting the pandemic?
Side with the leader? Replace the leader with someone in your party?

Some people like to use a fictional game to make light of an impossible situation. Winning a fictional game can almost feel like regaining a little control. And rolling natural 20s while slaying fictional evil can be a healthy outlet for anger. All players should be aware of the premise beforehand, as many people are experiencing mental health challenges right now. The idea for the post was written in early March, not including the cleaning products. Originally the leader suggested drinking ogre milk and the party had to figure out if an ogre even could be milked... but, I mean... real life just outdid my idea, as you can see by the hyperlinks.

PLEASE do not ingest cleaning products. Follow the nice Wizard Sanders... πŸ˜‰

And that's it for the A to Z Challenge 2020! Thanks to everyone who visited me. This is a personal blog, and 11 months of the year it's just me sharing my thoughts somewhere other than FB or Twitter.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Yesterday #AtoZchallenge #rpg #fantasy #prompt

My theme is a month of prompts and ideas for tabletop role-playing games or prompts for fantasy writers.
#AtoZChallenge 2020 badge


Due to a timewarp, everyone relives yesterday. Unlike Groundhog Day, you only relive the day one time. Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday...

Fight the same monster twice (perhaps with a different outcome). Get another chance at the treasure.

How long will this timewarp last? What caused it? What if it stops? What if days start skipping and the dice determine what day it is now? The ultimate goal is to fix the timewarp... though anarchist characters might prefer things as they are... πŸ˜„

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Forbidden Love Ends With X #AtoZchallenge #rpg #fantasy #prompt

My theme is a month of prompts and ideas for tabletop role-playing games or prompts for fantasy writers.
#AtoZChallenge 2020 badge

Forbidden Love Ends With X

There's a forbidden love. It resulted in the forbidden ones having se… well, you know the next letter. πŸ˜‰ ❌

And now there are offspring. Half of your adventures are tasked with destroying the "abominations," the other half with protecting them and getting them accepted. Some party members might even be the parents, grandparents, half-siblings, aunts, and uncles of the offspring.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Wayfaring for Second Chances #AtoZchallenge #rpg #fantasy #prompt

My theme is a month of prompts and ideas for tabletop role-playing games or prompts for fantasy writers.
#AtoZChallenge 2020 badge

Wayfaring for Second Chances

No mounts are allowed. Everywhere the party goes, they must go on foot.

When creating characters, each player must have a horrible experience from their past, a moment where if they had just done one thing differently, made one different choice, they feel everything would be better.

However many adventurers there are, the chalice of second chances will grant the opportunity to one less. (5 players = 4 chances.) This is not known until they get there.

The chalice cannot be reached until the party has bonded, until everyone deeply cares that the others get the chance. The first player to drink must ask to grant the second chance wishes of all the others, but that player's character will forever become part of the chalice. To never live or die, to never be free, a magic that could only be undone if someone else went on the quest for a second chance to be the one to drink. Except the chalice of second chances only grants one second chance per being, ever, so none of the party members can be the one to do this.

While the second chance might go well (the dice determines that), the player swill forever be racked with guilt (regardless of alignment) at the loss of their party member.

Sunday, April 26, 2020


(Warning: Language and Pandemic rant. This is not an A to Z post.)

I had a dentist appointment coming up on Tuesday. I have rescheduled it for September. Hopefully, things will go back to normal by then.

normal wasn't working meme


Yes, I know. We were a world in need of change. We were a country with some serious problems. For fuck's sake, our two frontrunners for the November election have both been accused of sexual assault, so it's so bad in America that we can't even get someone without a history of criminal behavior to stay in the presidential campaign!

I'll grant you that Bernie dropped out as a way to protest the lack of vote-by-mail opportunities at a time when voting could mean infection. So he was trying to protect his people, which is freaking presidential. But still, look where that leaves us. With an Electoral College picking which sexual assaulter will rule for the next four years. That sucks.

And STILL, I want to go back to normal.

Cat image from NIV
This exhausted kitty sums up how I feel.
(I got this pic by becoming a Patreon of Niv
I highly recommend following her.)

You people exhaust Kitty.

Look, what I'm saying is that I would like to be able to make a dentist appointment without wondering if the office will be there, and without thinking there's a good chance a cleaning will actually kill me. I need an x-ray of my lower back. I've been putting that off for two reasons. 1- Because I know the x-ray techs are completely overworked right now. 2- I don't want to get the virus and die from having a back x-ray.

My best friend just lost an immediate family member. How? He broke his leg and went to the hospital to have it taken care of, and then spiked a fever, and then the fever got really high, then they put him on a vent, then in a medically induced coma, and then he died. That was in the span of a few days. And my best friend is three states away so it's not like she can go handle things, or attend a funeral (which are drive-by services where you roll up in your car, pay respects at the casket, and drive off). Plus, she works security for P&G, and it's not exactly the right time to take off of work. (Feel free to click to see what they make. Gold. They may as well be making freaking gold right now. If someone robbed Fort Knox, they'd use the gold to buy stuff from P&G because it's worth more right now.)

So yeah. When I say normal, I mean I want to be able to go to the store and buy Charmin UltraSoft toilet paper and a roll of paper towels and some Lysol disinfectant spray. I want to buy all of those in one shopping trip, like normal. I want to carry them to my car without my husband putting on his Hulk face like, "don't mess with us! These are our products! Stay back!" And I don't want to feel bad if I opt to buy two of any of those items. DON'T TELL ME THAT PART WASN'T WORKING. BECAUSE GOING TO THE STORE TO BUY TOILET PAPER WAS WORKING PRETTY DAMN WELL FOR ME, THANK-YOU-VERY-MUCH.

Change is good. There are improvements that can, should, and must be made to our world.

But there's nothing wrong with wanting to be able to do A SIMPLE FUCKING THING like buy toilet paper, get an x-ray, have a meal with a friend, or go for a dental cleaning.



It doesn't have to be every day. But yes, I want the option for those things 24/7/365. I want that back. AND I AM ALLOWED TO WANT IT. I'm allowed to want to not worry that my husband went to work today and could get the virus and bring it home to me. I'm allowed to want to not worry that my mom is going to get the virus from her merchandising job. I'd really like to be able to go back to Facebook being happy stuff shared with friends instead of damn near every post being catastrophic. I want healthcare workers to be able to see their families. I wouldn't mind if states stopped trying to outdo each other with death tolls. "My state is gonna be the death destination!" "Nah, I already have a quarter of my citizen throwing suicide parties!" And it sure would be nice to have a president that loves the lives of the people more than money and power. (That's a long-shot dream. I'M ALLOWED TO DREAM.)

But yeah. When I say I would like to go back to normal, I don't mean nothing should change. But there are some basic routine activities that I'd like to have back. This world we're in right now is too stressful and, honestly, I don't know that I can handle the idea of this new level of constant fear and stress as being permanent. And I don't think I'm alone in that.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Variating Weather Vane and Vials of Minor Inconveniences #AtoZchallenge #rpg #fantasy #prompt

My theme is a month of prompts and ideas for tabletop role-playing games or prompts for fantasy writers.
#AtoZChallenge 2020 badge

Knowledge Kidnappers Quest - (Or Party versus Party) -

Variating Weather Vane

(See letter K post or letter p post for details.)

It looks like a charm on a necklace. Give it a spin and think about the weather you'd like. Alters a 6-acre span of weather around you for an hour. Takes 24 hours to recharge.

Vials of Minor Inconveniences

An unlabeled pack of ten vials that cause minor inconveniences. When they're gone, they're gone. (The pack clearly held a baker's dozen- 13- vials at some point. These are the ones that remain.) Drink it and you'll be the inconvenienced one. Throw it at someone, they're inconvenienced. Doesn't do any actual damage. The GM should write ten possible minor inconveniences before the game begins, and seal them so they can be pulled out at random when the player uses one.

You know you want to watch an angry ogre have to stand in an imaginary line for a few minutes. Or there's this non-sense, as pointed out by Family Guy:

Friday, April 24, 2020

Underrated Bag #AtoZchallenge #rpg #fantasy #prompt

My theme is a month of prompts and ideas for tabletop role-playing games or prompts for fantasy writers.
#AtoZChallenge 2020 badge

Knowledge Kidnappers Quest - (Or Party versus Party) -

Underrated Bag

(See letter K post or letter p post for details.)

The underrated bag is like a bag-of-holding, except it's smaller (about the size of a baseball) and only holds certain objects. The underrated bag weighs one pound. Everything in the bag is replenished once per hour, if need be. Here are the items:

  • chalk
  • quill and ink
  • 3 sheets of parchment
  • wax, dark green
  • small mirror
  • soap
  • whistle
  • 2-ounce edible water bubble (Ooho)
  • empty 20-ounce bottle
  • empty  4-ounce vile
  • 10 pounds of potatoes in a brown burlap sack
  •  fire starting kit (flint & steel, matches & dry moss, Zippo & shredded newspaper; whatever is appropriate for the world)
  • a cast-iron skillet
  • a kettle
  • a torch
  • 5 throwing stars
  • a bell
  • 50-feet of string
  • 20-feet of rope
  • a lock with a key
  • dark green bath towel 30″ x 58″
  • dark green wool gloves
  • dark green wool socks
  • talcum powder
  • a deck of playing cards
  • a novel written in common (the same one if you put it back in the bag, a new one if you don't put the other back and an hour has passed) 
  • a bucket
  • 3-pounds of hay
  • a fishing tackle with supplies
  • wooden fishing pole

Nothing else can go into the bag, and nothing else can come out of the bag. If an empty container is filled, it cannot go back into the bag. Damaged items cannot be put back into the bag (but there will be a new one in the next hour). 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Trapper Cat #AtoZchallenge #rpg #fantasy #prompt

My theme is a month of prompts and ideas for tabletop role-playing games or prompts for fantasy writers.
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Knowledge Kidnappers Quest - (Or Party versus Party) -

Trapper Cat

(See letter K post or letter p post for details.)

Nothing will kill this cat. In fact, no monster or creature will even attempt to harm the cat. This cat can kill a dragon, given enough rolls, because the dragon will not harm the cat (it might, however, fly away).

The cat is as loyal as a cat. It doesn’t come when called. It helps if it feels like it (or if the dice say it feels like it). Given proper food and the right amount of attention, the cat will follow your adventurer. (The GM should roll beforehand to determine how much attention and care the cat requires each day. There's no reason to tell the player the magic number. Cats certainly don't inform owners in real life.) Trapper cat has no gender (gender-neutral) and is asexual, so it will not run off to chase tail.

Trapper cat is so named because it detects every trap it encounters, 100% of the time. If it will bother to tell you depends on how happy you’re keeping the cat. (Roll. Cats are fickle.) Trapper cat can also disarm any and all traps with purrrrfect success, assuming that the trap interests the cat. (Roll for interest in disarming.)

If Trapper cat is so inclined as to follow your adventurer, it will grant a +9 to one roll per day or give +1 to an ability score if the day ends and the roll bonus wasn't used. Only one player per day may be the caregiver of Trapper cat. Should the adventurer die without a resurrection, other players may roll to see if the cat is willing to follow them. If not, the cat will return to the treasure area where it lives. Don't worry, Trapper cat can always get home, even through time, space, and dimensions.

If anyone tries to intentionally harm, neglect, abuse, or speak unkindly to Trapper cat, they meet with the nine lives curse. For that adventurer, their current life plus the next nine resurrections will result in every monster and creature seeking them out. Go to a tavern, get attacked by rats. Walk down a street, rabid dogs attack. Try to sneak, birds dive-bomb you from out of nowhere. Fish bite. Insects rise from the ground. Dragons burn you. Vampires and Trolls come out of nowhere to destroy you. Seriously, don’t bother to set your dice down because the attacks will be non-stop. And now you see why no creature or monster dares to mess with Trapper cat.

Trapper Cat Trapper Cat

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sheep's Cloth Object #AtoZchallenge #rpg #fantasy #prompt

My theme is a month of prompts and ideas for tabletop role-playing games or prompts for fantasy writers.
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Knowledge Kidnappers Quest - (Or Party versus Party) -

Sheep's Cloth

(See letter K post or letter p post for details.)

The player must already be worshipping one, and only one, deity for this to work. Otherwise, it's just a nice leg warmer.

This allows the wearer to worship two opposing deities. Must roll a d100 before each prayer/spell/use.

Roll a 1, anger the initial deity forever and receive a penalty from that deity at every turn. Roll a 50, anger the second deity, receive a penalty from that deity every turn for the next ten turns. Roll a 100, anger both. Be permanently stripped of the ability to worship, lose all wisdom and half charisma. Death and resurrection of any kind does not solve this because you cannot fool the gods again. All other numbers, you may proceed. If the Sheep's Cloth is taken off, the second deity no longer acknowledges the player exists, and that deity will no longer be selectable for worship (with or without this object, they're going to ignore you forever now); however, taking it off and putting it back on would allow you to select a different second deity. (Removal does NOT negate the anger effect.)

The Sheep's Cloth looks like a wool leg warmer. It's white with a dim glow woven in the strands. That's right, only one. The other from the set was destroyed long ago by a vein deity.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Rapid Search Eye object #AtoZchallenge #rpg #fantasy #prompt

Hey! It's my thirteenth wedding anniversary today! πŸ‘°πŸ€΅πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’

Okay, back to the expected post:

My theme is a month of prompts and ideas for tabletop role-playing games or prompts for fantasy writers.
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Knowledge Kidnappers Quest - (Or Party versus Party) -

Rapid Search Eye

(See letter K post or letter p post for details.)

The ugliest ring ever seen. Oh, it'll fit. That's not a metal band, it's veins that wrap around the finger and connect to your blood supply.

Close, but it's way yuckier than this.
Tapping the eye allows a player to see, without touching, anything and everything in an indoor area in one quick glance. (So if in a library, a player could see every book in a room in a second, but not be able to open them during the scan. Similar to photographic memory combined with using a drone to take a video of the room.) Up to four uses per day. Detects traps if the player has that skill. However, after using it, the player is blind for a brief time. The larger the area scanned, the longer the blindness lasts.

If the player is poisoned, the ring causes visual hallucinations until the poison wears off, even in the player is immune to poison. Attempts to remove the ring when poisoned will stop the wearer's heart(s).

The ring dies when not connected to a living blood supply for fifteen minutes. If the ring is allowed to die, the stench will reach 100 miles in every direction (like a bubble of stink, it gets under the ground and up in the clouds, there is no escape in range, including magical hideouts) and lasts for a week. Creatures will likely flee the stink. All in the area do a constitution check four times a day; failure can mean regurgitation or stench madness. Thus, once the ring is on, removing it isn't suggested. No glove or gantlet can cover the ring. It's about the size of an apricot protruding off the finger. It cannot be stolen any easier than a finger could be as it is connected to the wearer. (Obviously cutting off the hand would work.) Ring has god-level armor class, but that only protects the ring and the skin it directly touches. Will not work as a weapon. Do not throw a punch with the ring hand, as the ring will turn out of the way, causing the finger to stick up awkwardly.