PUSH - Prompts Unity Scavenger Hunt #PUSHunt

We want to play PUSH.

The origin of PUSH:

This game came from a dream Jamie had on June 4, 2020. She messaged a few friends to ask if they thought it was worth creating. J Lenni Dorner immediately offered to co-host, absolutely loving the idea.

PUSH means:

P = Prompts:

Each PUSH post will come with a prompt. How you use the prompt is entirely up to you. We won't tell you what creative endeavor to pursue. We will not ask you to share the exact endeavor. (So if you use the prompt to write a diary entry, that's cool, we won't ask you to share your private diary.) If you DO share, we ask that you use the hashtag #PUSHunt so it's easy for players to find, if they opt to go looking.

U= Unity:

Our hope is that this brings creative people together. While we will never REQUIRE anyone to follow, friend, subscribe, like, etc any of the Scavenger Hunt links, we do encourage it and hope you'll consider putting the "social" in social media. You must be respectful of the hosts and other players. PLEASE tell others about this game.

Some people might write one sentence, some might create a sculpture. There will be no arguing about one person putting in more time or effort. We're all just doing the best we can. PUSH exists to get people to bring one more creative idea into their life for each round. We also hope to use this to promote each other via the hunt.

SH= Scavenger Hunt:

Each round will have a link and a hint. For example, if we give you a link that goes to an image of the sky on a clear day. The hint would be, "the dominant color seen here." (Don't overthink it.)


You would take that answer and go do something creative. Possible ideas:

  • Write a poem about the color blue.
  • Paint your fingernails blue.
  • Make a YouTube video while wearing blue.
  • Get a blue crayon and color the word blue five times.
  • Make a blueberry pie.
  • Post a picture of all the books you have with blue spines.
  • Look up the word blue in other languages.
  • Make a bracelet using something blue.
  • Write a blog post in blue font color.

๐Ÿ˜Š PUSH is about doing whatever you find the most creative! Push yourself to be as creative as you can. Push yourself to try to do at least something. Push yourself to feel proud that one more creative thing exists in this world because of you. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

For the NEXT round, you will comment on the PUSH post with what you did.
See the above list of ideas?
Your comment will be as simple as that.
"I sang a song with the word blue in the title."

There are two key elements to your comment.

  1. You mention the hint. This way we know you went to the link and "hunted."
  2. You state that you did something creative.

๐Ÿ’ญ No need to share in a blog comment where to find your creative results. (Many times, Blogger will flag comments with external links. This is why we're encouraging you to use the #PUSHunt hashtag if you opt to share your work on social media.)

๐Ÿ‘ช PUSH is aimed at adults. However, the links we send players to will not contain nudity, violence, or excessive profanity. (Other areas of the site might, but not the direct link we use for the game.) Those unable to consent for themselves should check with an adult responsible for them prior to signing up to play PUSH.


We will have a weekly scoreboard. Those at the top have a better chance of us using one of your links as a place for our next hint.
*No one is required to have any of their links shared. This is optional. You could also use this as a chance to promote a friend, charity, or favorite website. Or not. No pressure. This is meant to be a free "prize" of sorts, as many people enjoy getting visits ("hits") to their links.

Some ways to move up the scoreboard:

  • Participate in a round.
  • Find the correct hint on the Scavenger Hunt.
  • Refer someone to the game who signs up.
  • Share the hashtag somewhere that the hosts see it. (Twitter / Instagram)
  • ❓❔⍰⁇ Mystery ways to come later...

Are you ready to play a game of PUSH?

CLICK HERE: https://forms.gle/AdeV1RjgVabhFN9S7