Sunday, December 13, 2015

App Idea

If someone could make an app to alert me 24/7 (Yeah,  give it a setting to bypass blocking mode and stuff) when something on my Amazon wishlist or shopping list goes on sale (at a discount amount I can set,  because saving 1% is not worth getting woken up over), that's an app I'd pay 99 cents to own.

Lightning deals are great, but there are hundreds of them a day right now. And sometimes they change at the last minute. It's a very "luck of the draw" situation. But if I got an alert that something I want will be on super sale in the near future (or right this second), that's valuable information.

There are some services that come close. Obviously the largest obstacle would be that the app needs to do this without draining my battery. It would have to connect to a server of some kind,  and that server would have to check Amazon every 20 minutes. Pinging my app, and thus alerting me,  only if relevant information becomes pertinent.

Maybe this is a $2.99 app.

Anyway- if someone can get on that,  that's be great. Thanks. ♥

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