Thursday, March 24, 2016



Survival of the prettiest?  Death for all?  Or survival of the fittest?

The meme implies that no leader of America is capable of compassion for the sick or elderly.

It implies that Stephen Hawking isn't worth saving. He's smart- big deal! He isn't pretty and can't lift a bucket,  and therefore is without value. (Glad he lives in England.)

Babies also get to drown in this scenario.

Because I find this entire thing ridiculous,  I've decided to reply with an intellectually equal answer. Aquaman, King of Atlantis. He has the ability to get sealife to bring everyone to shore. Therefore,  he's qualified to rule.



  1. The truth is...

    I do feel like I'm sinking the ship of others. I am no longer able to pull my own weight. And though I feel an abundance of guilt, I'm too selfish to kill myself. Or too mean. No, I do not receive any money from the government. No disability, welfare, anything. I pay $20 in taxes MORE than I earn a year. That's right, I make a negative income after school taxes.

    But I'm what's sinking the ship because I can no longer pull my own weight. All I've got left is my mind. It lacks an engineering degree. I studied several areas, that wasn't one of them.

    I feel guilty every time someone has to turn the heat down and air up for me. Especially if they shiver. I feel so guilty about it that I dropped out of damn near every drop of social activity I was once part of, ditching several leadership positions. I stopped going to family dinner so I wouldn't have to be an inconvenience.

    I don't know why I'm still alive. Most days I also don't know why I fight to stay alive. Instinct, mostly, I guess.

    The meme should comfort me. Good to know that my death will mean one less body sinking everyone else's ship.

    It's the person who posted it. Who even wrote that she knew it'd upset me. And didn't care. Picked Trump over me, over my feelings. Because I AM JUST SOMEONE WHO CAN'T PULL MY OWN WEIGHT ANYMORE.


      And this series (click through) covers the rest of how I feel on the subject.

      Cats... people... The point is the same.

  2. Every time in my life that I've been in trouble, I've pulled myself up by working my butt off. But there are people who can't do that. The elderly, the disabled, the sick. So I think Aquaman may be the only alternative! That's what America's built on--we help out those of us who can't help themselves. Are there those who take advantage of the system? Sure. But invest in ways to stop that from happening. Don't shut those out who genuinely need help.

  3. Maybe you've hit upon the reason why superheroes are so popular with Americans. The elected officials can't seem to get the problems solved, but maybe someone stronger, smarter, and better can do it. We are dreamers walking in sleep and never getting adequate rest. Life keeps racing forward as we struggle to hang on so we don't get left in the dust.

    Never give up! Life is a gift, but also a challenge.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  4. Yeah he's the leader everyone needs. ;-)


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