Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rant - warning adult language

If someone says, "'Bob'(not real name) helped us navigate some paperwork," and you are Bob and think that makes you look bad...

You know, maybe realize that when it takes 4 years to do something that normally takes 3 months, maybe THAT'S what makes people look bad.

#SorryNotSorry that I pointed it out. But the ONLY people suffering here are me and my husband. You feel upset? I'M IN HELL. My health, my safety, my finances- all compromised.

Don't want to look bad? AND actually have the power,  money, time, and influence to make a difference? Then fucking go do SOMETHING. If our places were switched,  this shit would have been HANDLED.

I looked up to "Bob." TRUSTED "Bob." And believed that "Bob" would
I don't know
I don't even know anymore.
I'm so let down that I don't even have a description.
No, I've been FAILED. And made to feel like the failure is my fault. It is. I'm the one who believed in people, who tried to help others before myself. No good deed unpunished.

How much longer will I let it go on?
I can't.
In 10 days, things will change. One way or the other. Probably for the worse. But THIS is not going to go on. It can't.

Choices are going bye bye.

#SorryNotSorry if 4+ years of your work is down the drain. Maybe if you didn't take 4 fucking years to do it.
Faster to go to college.
A new President will be elected in the time this took. Look at what Obama did with 4 years. Look what you did with the same amount of time. Couldn't complete 1 task.
Upset because I made you look bad?

How about you buy the problem out from under me and in another 4 years we can talk about your feelings? How about THAT? You can be the one dealing with this. Sitting and waiting and hoping. Because I can't anymore.



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