Friday, October 7, 2016

Twisted Logic for Laws and the Power of a Triangle

Try to follow the "logic" here.

Putting a triangle on a door sign (instead of a rectangle) has the power to STOP sexual assault. Meaning a male with a fully functional penis sees a triangle and,  just by seeing that symbol, will decide NOT to enter an area and assault the women inside. This MUST be true, as the argument is that removing the triangle would dramatically increase sexual assault by penis-bearers on vagina-havers.

Okay, so that's the power of a triangle.

So what if we assigned an octagon or something to represent children? And then require, within one year of time, for every object capable of propelling a bullet at deadly speed/force ("guns") to have a sticker on them with a crossed out octagon. If you are caught with one and it doesn't have the sticker-- life in prison. Because the sticker will prevent people from shooting children.

Now I know you might be thinking,  "but sometimes children shoot children!" Yes, but those same children (who tend to be teens) sometimes also sexually assault each other. BUT NOT IN ROOMS WITH TRIANGLES ON THE DOOR! If those same triangle symbols are preventing teen boys from entering not just restrooms but also locker rooms-- then the power of a symbol will also make them not use guns on fellow children.

In exchange for no more gun control discussions for, I don't know, 4 years time-- think the NRA would print out those stickers for free? Probably. No need for non-gun owners to pay for this. And we wouldn't want, "I couldn't afford the sticker," as a reason. So there you go.

Is it oversimplified? Is this ridiculous?

If a triangle can stop a crime, so can an octagon.

(Sorry STOP signs. I know people sometimes run you. We're pretending that's not true because it really doesn't help the argument.)

I just felt the need to make an argument on the same level as one I read.

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