Monday, February 27, 2017

Plot Bunny because Not All Dreams Are Bad

In this dream, there was an uppity Queen with twin sons, both who married girls who were as far below their station as possible. The queen made everyone get dressed all fancy to go to church in the community the girls were from. This went as about as well as you'd expect. (Drunk men being told to bow to their former whores...) The royal guards lost control of the situation. The Princes ended up doing battle. One died.

The queen, being outraged at the lost of her eldest son, had the younger one drugged to sleep. He was then taken to her secret "play area," which was designed to look like a foreign planet. It had all manor of beasts not from the country, so it seemed very much like another world. The prince woke up there and had to fight to survive. The princesses had to sit by the queen, still in tattered gowns, watching helplessly. The queen vowed that if he died, they'd be next. If he lived, she'd vacate the thrown.

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