Friday, June 9, 2017

Memes Against People who aren't Handicapped Enough

This was posted on Facebook by a close relative with opposing political views. I left a comment because I need to know how not to become this meme. I'm posting that comment below because maybe others will have an answer.

☆It's not the judgment I worry about, it's the potential and likely violence from those judgemental people.☆


Okay, kind of glad you shared this, because I have serious question. 100% genuine here, because I don't know and I need to know...

With the "new arrangement," I have to pick John up every night. But summer is coming. When I get back, there's usually no parking anywhere near my door. Which means John dragging my body,  again. But then the next day, I still have to get to my car to go get him, and I'm probably going to pass out in my parking lot and either die from suffocation or getting run over. The ONLY thing I could try to do is apply for a handicap parking thing.

But see this meme? It's why I haven't. (This one and a few similar.) Not just the memes, but I know that people genuinely feel this way. People who aren't going to stop to read my medical ID bracelet. People who will be jealous that I have a parking space and they don't and might stab me or shoot me at 1am. (Both have happened here to others in the last 4 years. So it's a legit concern.)

So what could I say to save my life? Keep in mind, in this circumstance, I'm not going to have enough air to make a whole sentence. And I'll be too close to blacking out to type. Sarcasm or flipping people off is going to get me stabbed faster.

As someone with this view, what 5 second reply could get you to change your mind and feel merciful enough to allow me, or someone like me, to pass?

The handicapped parking might not seem like this meme. But you've never seen me at the store in the summer, laying in a  aisle, tears streaming down my face, with no idea how I'll get back to my car. I'm not brave enough to grab one of these carts because of memes like this, and a fear that I'll get my ass kicked by someone who will see me walk 5 feet or 10 feet and decide I didn't have need of these. Renee (bff) and I have had this argument when I've refused to use one and she's had to drag my broken ass to the freezer. This meme isn't about me yet, but what terrifies me is knowing that it will be. And I don't know how to protect myself from this.

I'm seriously asking your advice here. I really have no idea how else to stay safe. I'm going to suffocate or I'm going to get my ass killed by someone who can't see that I'm broken.

Visually, I look okay. Just a big fat fatty, thanks to the steroids and inactivity the doctors recommend to keep me alive a little longer. Do I get a tattoo on my forearm announcing that I'm an easy kill, so please show mercy, because I can't breathe? Would that work?

I really need to know. All input is welcome. Because I'm against a clock. The 90° heatwave hits next week. The pain is coming. I need a defense. I need help. I'm afraid. I need armor of some kind to keep me from becoming this meme.

Can you help me come up with a defensive phrase?

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