Thursday, August 24, 2017

Flags, Statues, and Holidays

Just over 150 years ago,  the American Civil War ended. People are making a big deal out of the flags and statues of the losing side being taken down.

Is there a well-known national holiday where most Americans celebrate defeating the Confederate army? No.

Is there a holiday to celebrate taking the exact same land fought over from the other people who lived here? Yeah. It's Thanksgiving.

Are there flags, or other symbols of conquering, flying over government buildings with logos or representations of those tribes?

Don't bet on it.

See,  when you lose a war, you don't get a reward. Giving the losing side even a little mercy or leeway, like letting them keep some flags and such, has brought back an already settled argument.

It's like rewatching a sports movie and betting the losing side will win this time. Betting your reputation, freedom, and life.

I haven't studied enough history to know offhand how many conquered nations waited over a century to "try war again." And I'm not sure how often it's worked out well. Does creating a new country based largely on the "freedom to publicly hate most people" really appeal? Would it stand a chance in the world? Are there many other nations that would be willing to trade with such a place?

It's like living in the prequel to a dystopian novel.

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