Thursday, December 6, 2018

Not All whatever

So in social media "news" ... *sigh*...

Twitter banned users from harassing trans members via misgendering or using dead names.

And you're like, "well about time, nice work!"
(Seriously, if that's not how you feel, get off of my blog.)

But SOMEHOW ... somehow a group of rejects got together and carefully dug through the thousands of trans people to find the dozen or so criminals in the group and say that no trans person deserves rights or to be treated with dignity and respect because here's a small segment of the population that has abused the system and are just bad humans no matter the gender.

Allllllll righty then.
So I guess that ends the "Not All Men" argument forever. I mean, I can list a dozen killers who are all famous for some pretty sick crimes and,  interestingly, they're all men.

Now, I'd normally tell you that not all men are psycho killers who keep children for snacks. But if we're gonna judge the whole trans community by the bottom of their barrel, then it's only fair to do the same for EVERY other group.

And since someone is gonna think dumb shit like that men didn't choose to be men but trans... I can't even type it because of the level of dumb here... well, for those who are gonna whip that out, I present priests. Sounds like a good group who do good things, till you view them only by the very worst among them.

If you've ever taken a class, you only did as well as the lowest grade. Everyone is now going to be paid as much as the lowest paid person in the company. Any savings will vanish, just like it does when the very worst investors have at it. Yes, from now on, we're all gonna just be whatever the lowest of the low happens to be.

So get out there and strive to drop the bar even fruther down.

The robots need to take over now. I can't even.

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