Monday, March 11, 2019

Live The Dream

~Found on Pinterest~

I wake up in our home. It's big enough to hold all our stuff without being cluttered, and without having to discard our stuff to make it uncluttered. Someone else comes two or three times a week to clean. All the meals are prepared already, and are healthy, and none of them make me sick. The bills are paid without worry,  because there's always more money in the bank and no worry it'll run out. I sit in my office and write. Pain doesn't stop me. I can breathe. John and I go for a walk before dinner. It's the kind of neighborhood where a couple can go for a walk safely. We relax together after dinner,  watching movies or whatever. I'll see my friends on Tuesday, maybe on the weekend too. My family might stop by. My brother is happy.  He has his son back. He let go of the hate and anger.  My Aunt and Uncle no longer have diabetes, and they're not going blind. They come over to play with our cats. Because we have cats. Our in-laws come to visit once in a while too. Or we visit them. Because I can breathe, so we can do that. And we're going on vacation, not only because we can afford it, but because I don't have to worry about the temperature of the place and if my body can keep up. We don't have to pack medicine because we don't need it because our bodies aren't rejecting life. We're happy. And not afraid of the future. We can help more, do more, contribute more. We're alive. We're living life, not just surviving and scrapping by. It's better than fine, it's great. 

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