Monday, January 11, 2016

#boutofbooks wrap up and bizarre life stuff

I finished the challenge. I got about a dozen chapters read in The Name of the Wind.

There was distraction in my life in the way of a bridal shower. I'm a matron of honor. There was crazy drama mixed in for my bride.

Once upon a time,  my mom was thrilled when I'd go to bed on time and sleep for 9 hours. There was praise and joy that I woke up 8 hours early on Saturday to go do stuff. And minor disappointment when,  three hours after my usual WAKING time,  I was exhausted and felt sick to my stomach from a lack of proper sleep. Welcome to backwards world. These are the joys of living 3rd shift hours. People like it when you stay up all day,  but life requires you to stay up all night. So any sleep is failure. In fact,  the only one who encourages any sleep is the doctor. Unless you have an appointment,  in which case you should get up 3 or 4 hours early.

If you ever need help in the middle of the night,  if you're ever grateful for a package that arrives on time,  or if you use any service while sleeping (like electric for your clock and refrigerator) - remember that there are real humans with real human families that take a world of crap to give you those things. You're welcome. Or... We're all vampires and will slay you like cattle. (Gratitude is good,  but I'll settle for fear if it'll shut up the screaming kids in the hall.)

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