Friday, November 11, 2016

Religion and Politics in this post

Check out @SarahHuckabee's Tweet:

Trump won more evangelical CHRISTIAN votes than any other presidential candidate in history?

I keep thinking about all those movies, books, and shows where the Christian president might get a divorce. And it's the biggest scandal (pun intended, if you know the show) possible. Concerns the guy would be tossed out of office, the economy would crash, doom and gloom. "I know about Ellie." "You know about E.L.E.?" (Extinction Level Event -- Deep Impact)

Well, guess we stopped caring about divorce. Or about having children with multiple partners. If it's okay for the gander, it damn well better be okay for the goose now. "Yes, I have three baby daddys/mamas, just like the President of the United States." It is vital to understand that the CONSERVATIVE party and the Evangelical CHRISTIAN voters are in FULL SUPPORT of that. Good job, Maury Povich. All those "whose your daddy" episodes really brought them around!

Seriously, I never knew the church was so totally cool with divorce and with children from multiple partners. But here we are, in a world where they are SO COOL with it that they actually voted for a president who lives THOSE values.

The old days of Republicans talking about family values and sticking it out, how they were only okay with divorce in extreme cases, and children from other partners being only slightly better than bastards... those days are over!

See, not a whole lot of bright side for Democrats these days. But at least we see how dramatically the Conservative party has changed their core values, and how much more open minded the church must be now. The heck with updating a political document to reflect modern needs-- the Republicans have changed what the BIBLE is okay with now. Wow. That's impressive. And even the extremists Christians, known as the KKK, are supporters of this guy.

So we're all agreed.
Republican and Democrat alike: divorce is now perfectly acceptable and holds no shame or public guilt and judgement whatsoever, and having babies from multiple partners is also perfectly acceptable and holds no shame or public guilt and judgment whatsoever. ""Those people"" are JUST LIKE the president incumbent.

"You have three baby daddys?"
"Yup. :) Just like the president!"
"Wow! That's soooo cool. I'm totes jealous."

Just remember, that's now politically correct for both parties. We applaud that now.

(See, I've known a few judgemental Republican Christians who thought they weren't okay with such choices. It's important they realize that now they ARE okay with them, since they voted those values and choices into the highest office. I expect to see them out there showing support! SUPPORT.)

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