Monday, May 8, 2017

#AtoZchallenge 2017 Reflection Post

I had a great time in April! The A to Z Blogging challenge always increases my motivation. I went through several possible themes before deciding on the holidays one. I try to pick something that I think other challenge participants will find interesting (and shareable). If anyone stopped by my blog and picked up a fun fact in April, then my work here is done!

I want to thank the co-hosts for all their hard work. I know it's way more challenging on them than it is on the hundreds of people who take part. (And yes, that's my husband's cousin who went from participant, to helper, to co-host this year. Way to be awesome, J!)

I didn't get to leave as many comments on other blogs as I had hoped I would. I was very caught up in editing this month. But when I did take the time, I was never disappointed. For example, I learned about ugli fruit over at Reel Focus.

I didn't actually buy one. But I thought about it! The two reasons I didn't try it were:
  1. I was unsure which to select. Ripeness isn't visual, it would seem. So it felt like a gamble, which leads to
  2. Money. For the price of one of these (please just call it $2.50 instead of 2 for 5, sheesh), I could buy a bag of apples or oranges. That's several days of fruit versus one fruit. And I can't even be sure I'd get a good piece of the single fruit.
Please let the record show that I did at least LOOK FOR and CONSIDER something new because of an A to Z post.

And hey, I also played along with my own blog! I went out and got my free pretzel on letter V day. Here's a picture of the bag. That warm soft pretzel... it umm... it vanished... HEY LOOK, A BAG!

As for the debate about linky versus comment on the A to Z blog:

I had more comments this year than last year. So either people like holidays more than weddings, or having a comment telling people what my posts were about brought in more viewers than just the name of my blog (uniquely maladjusted but fun) on a list. YAY to the new way.
My only issue, and it's of no real consequence, is that on my phone, clicking on a linky link opens a new tab/ window. But clicking on a regular hyperlink does not. (And clicking a non-hyperlink link doesn't do crap, and I only have so much finger-highlighting patience.) So I had to use an actual computer to make comments on certain blogs. This is directly related to the reason that the bulk of my commenting was done on blogs using the #atozchallenge hashtag on Twitter. It was the fastest and least annoying way to visit people for me.

I plan to do the challenge again next year. Do you? Thanks for stopping by.

The Uniquely Maladjusted But Fun blog is in the #AtoZchallenge 2017 with an April Holiday theme

The holidays of April was my #AtoZchallenge Theme.

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