Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Polygamy for Healthcare

Weird title, right?
Wait, wait! Hear me out.

1- Pass a law requiring all health insurance has the FREE option to also cover spouses and children for FREE without a penalty for having a spouse or offspring.

2-  Allow polygamy. Legal in all 50 states. Consenting adults can marry as many consenting adults as they the consent to do, consensually.

Before you condemn me to Hell, hang on. See, this is like the new "beard" function. Recall when lesbians and gay men married straight people  (or an opposite gender couple) for health insurance?

Now picture that on a massive scale. And I mean MASSIVE. See, then we'll find out which company has the best health insurance, who really has the best health of Americans as a priority. And that company is gonna get a HUGE influx of people. And the companies that overcharge, that figure death is better for their bottom line... they'll go gentle into that good night.

3- Then,  after this going well, find a way to reward the health insurance companies that have made people actually feel assured, the ones that made sure people had regular doctor visits, dental, vision, mental, etc. The ones who found a way to make sure everyone could afford prescriptions without having to give up their food, transportation, or shelter to get the money. In other words, the ones that do what was once promised.

Of course, if they fail, Big Papa/Mama #1 spouse is going to take his/her whole family to someone else...
But I'm suggesting an incentive as well as the threat of consumer kills.

In theory, all Americans have the option now to go to any health insurance company they want. But that's not a reality. You get what your work provides and hope for the best. If work doesn't provide, you pick off a list (once you stop crying at the rates, which are like 1/3 of your income).

The healthcare industry does not compete on a consumer level. They make doctors compete sometimes.

Competing for consumers is what America is all about for big businesses. That's how the people control what stays and what goes. The idea has nothing to do with marriage, actually. It's just the armor.

This isn't a perfect plan. But it's better than others I've heard. ("Good health is only for those who can afford it." No. That's terrorist talk right there. Shove it.)

An ER visit for my friend, for example, is a reasonable price, an amount she earns in probably 3 hours (salary, hard to say exactly). For me to go to the ER, it's almost 1 week's pay. It would take 34 hours to earn the money to pay for the same visit. Upon learning this, my response was,  "you're pretty, I love you, marry me!"

We're both happily married to our guys. But I can love my husband a lot longer if I'm not dead. See the pologomy side? He and I could marry into her family and,  viola, afford to see doctors! ~Access~

I shouldn't HAVE to get a thought like that in my brain. But look at that, I found a sneaky way around the system. Ha ha.

Some of you may say I'd go to Hell for it, but you know what, I could get sent there anyway, this would at least buy me time beforehand! Time to repent, if you are set on that. Wait, putting life first, that's not a sin, is it? Well, maybe the devil will understand.


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