Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Screwing with Hate

Burqa -
Some believe the full body covering to be a form of oppression, perhaps even a way to cover abuse. Others believe it to be a freedom from sexual advances and judgement based on appearance, thus an encouragement of equality. Nearly all believe it to be tied to Islam.

Which is why I find it especially disturbing when certain Christian-based hate groups, or men who claim to be Christian while disregarding 98% of the teachings of Jesus, do or say things to indicate they want all females to dress either in a burqa or be naked sex workers. Girls being sent home from school for a bra strap showing. Women being shamed for feeding a baby.

Guys,  when you support that and then blame "terrorists" (who you think are all Muslim because you don't have the brain power to separate a hate group from a religion, maybe because your own hate group has a base in your religion so you incorrectly assume all Christians think like your dumbass), the ACTUAL terrorists win. Seriously, the point was to get you to be more like those extremists. So, if you are,  they win.

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