Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How To Stall Military Growth

My college history professor, Dr. Mayr, was a Jew from Germany. He told us about growing up there during the war. So what I am about about to write here is based on that. (So if I contradict a wiki, deal with it.)

For the past few days I've seen posts for and against refugees in America. The in favor posts are making the comparison to Jewish refugees during the World Wars. I don't think the "con" side of the debate is making the connection. Here's a different way to go.

The Nazi army was not entirely voluntary. It was,  "you're a German male who is able to fight,  so you will join or we will kill you and your whole family." That's how hate groups plump their numbers. There simply aren't enough people willing to kill for blind hate. They will kill for love. They will kill to keep their family alive.

They will also surrender if someone stronger can keep their family alive.

The "con" side of the argument is that America IS NOT strong enough to do that. I disagree. And I think it's stupid to tell the world we think we're weak.

But if someone wants to have a religious angle here:
Jesus didn't back down and say He couldn't take care of people. He pulled fish out of no where, whipped out a crazy amount of bread,  and took unfiltered water and turned it into drinkable wine. If you believe this or not isn't the point here- it's that you heard about it. Over two thousand years later and you STILL hear people talking about it.

So cry about not being able to deal,  being scared of people who showed up because they DON'T support the enemy,  and about everyone doing nothing beyond social media conversations. History won't remember.

I'm just saying that there's an opportunity to reduce the number of the enemy without killing anyone. If Nazi army had been reduced by 80% at the start of the war,  AND many of that percent gave intelligence to The Allies and maybe even fought with them-- how long would the War have lasted? Ridiculously outnumber the enemy,  or make more of them. That's the real choice on the table. Keep treating scared friends like they are enemies and yes,  they will have to fight back. Make them allies and they'll fight beside you instead.

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