Monday, November 23, 2015

Stick Figure Smarts

I've been the stick figure on the right sooo many times. That's why I rant on my blog instead of other places (like Facebook). The stick figure on the left just doesn't get it. Of course,  I also have to deal with stick figures on the left that think Christian is one religion,  and EVERY other religion in the world that is, was,  or will be is "that other religion,  with the bingo marks on the face,  not eating pork,  wearing towels,  dressing in black, worshipping cows and some fat dude,  and handing out bracelets at the airport." And I just can't EVEN - you know? There is a point where you realize you're attempting a conversation with someone of a significantly lower IQ or a bizarre lack of education or something that I can't even fathom because how did they arrive at that conclusion and come to grasp it so strongly that no amount of Google,  encyclopedias, or rationally can chip at the core of DUH.

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