Sunday, November 15, 2015

To Paris with Love

The writing group that I'm a part of - NaNoWriMo- has a region in Paris, France. Those writers were at a cafe when the attack happened. They are all okay. But they were posting, live, to our group. We've responded by sending well wishes and showing our concern.

Some people say that makes no difference. Doesn't it?  Because I think it helps to know that people,  a large chunk of the population,  cares. That whole "united we stand" saying is supposed to mean something.

I'd also like to think that people would care if this were a different attack. If, for instance,  the attack was by the KKK against a portion of the population in Alabama. I'd love to tell you that all of Christianity wouldn't be blamed for that.  I'd like to tell you people wouldn't respond by suggesting bombs get dropped on the Vatican. But there's a bit of hate floating in my Facebook news feed with those sorts of responses. Yes,  I'm all in favor of tracking the ISIS down and eliminating them. But wanting to fight that group is like wanting to fight the Klan, not like wanting to fight The Pope and all other leaders of the Christian faith. I'm also not convinced that countries with mandatory prayer five times a day are "Godless" or less religious than America. I'm not suggesting that we should have mandated religion here- just that there's a hole in the argument.

At any rate,  I hope the people of Paris find peace and safety again. Love be with you all.

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