Sunday, February 7, 2016

The #sharethelove blog hop

  1. Nicki Ivey - This wonderful writer is a woman I'm proud to have as a friend. She's considerate, helpful, smart, beautiful, an introvert that pushes herself to be a leader, a caring mother and wife, an excellent shoulder to lean on, and is someone who I believe will change the world for the better.
  2. Brenda Drake - Another writer who I've recently gotten to know. She writes, she blogs, she runs really fun contests, and she's changed the writing community for the better. This is someone who deserves to be recognised, which is why she's on my list today.
  3. J Lenni Dorner - A writer of speculative fiction and a reference guide, J always has something interesting going on. (Yes, we're related in-law.) J has given me a lot of support over the last few years. I'm returning some of that today.
  4. Andrew Herd - The most unreplicatable writing voice I've ever encountered. To read his writing is to be transported to a strange and wonderful place, generally in the science fiction realm.
  5. Erin Hartshorn - My purple haired awesome writer friend. She writes, she edits, she's a stellar mom, and she has a great laugh. 

Here's the giveaway:

$10 US giftcard from Amazon via email.


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  2. What a fun blog hop. I'll check out the other authors participating.


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