Wednesday, May 11, 2016

#boutofbooks 5Fav books w strong female protagonist

My Hunger Games books are buried beyond reach right now, so that other is substituting for Katniss. I wanted to include Tool & Die by Sarah Graves, but I can't find it! (Might have loaned to a friend.) So I picked Naked instead, because she is strong and even stronger in the end.
Lady Knight is the 4th in the series, but my personal favorite. I suppose I'll get some arguments over Tris being strong, but girlfriend took on some serious training in book 1, so it's on the list. And Red Queen is just awesome and if you haven't read it yet drop everything and do so now.

My reading progress on day 1 was practically nil because my allergies made it impossible to see. It was bad. Tuesday was my writing group. I read an entire short story that Nicki wrote and Brian's new opening. Those are books-in-progress. Today is all about books though. Maybe I'll write another post later or something. I don't know. I haven't done any of the "link up" stuff. I put the challenges on Twitter, Instagram,  and now on my blog. This isn't like past #boutofbooks events with contests and stuff, so I guess there's less pressure or excitement to be on top of that.

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