Wednesday, June 15, 2016

140 to go

I thought you'd like this Pin on Pinterest...

So what's really interesting about this...

A few years ago, in one of my foolish rage phases, I started exercising against medical advice (which was to sit as still as possible as long as possible... I still take issue with that). I lost a few pounds and was all,  "whooo hoo." Then I got sick. Emergency room level of sick. And lost another 20 pounds that weekend. (Yeaaahhh, I don't recommend it.) The next time I worked out, I had a respiratory attack almost as bad as my first one. Then I could barely move for days because it hurt so damn bad.

One of the theories from "the 12" (docs) was that my body fat had stored the chemical I was exposed to. As I lost weight,  I re exposed myself. And thus - BAD. 

This pin is the first time that really made sense to me. How true it is, I don't know. But it collaborates with the docs.

Still not happy about being more than twice myself. But it's better than dead. And better than stuck in a hospital on a vent. So there's that.

Better than bad, but not good,  but acceptable. Yeah, I guess.

Okay,  enough random for tonight.

I had super fun hanging with Katie at Trivet after dropping off Mouse. I tried Disco fries. And the wings Katie raved about (though the wings were not as good as they were Thursday, she said).

And there is tiramisu in my refrigerator, so Yay!

Did I just end a weight post with a foodie moment?

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