Monday, June 20, 2016

Bad dream

Bad dream.
It was a snow day. Or two-hour delay. So I was still high school age. But I was dating my neighbor (who yes,  I did grow up with, but no, we never dated and we barely spoke past 5th grade, and by high school we ran in very different circles... He is probably pro-Trump.). He came over with his mom for some reason. (Okay, his parents are really nice and were even at my wedding.) I had some big essay due, so she was looking over it. Then his dad came and was also looking over it. Neither of them does anything editing related. In fact, in reality, I'd have been the one looking over stuff for them. But in the dream, they found all these mistakes. Stupid, obviously ones. I spelled a caption wrong and the word was on a sign above it. I had th instead of the. At first, I was going to fix it with some white out. But more and more mistakes,  and it was clear I'd need to fix and reprint. But I had to go somewhere to do that, and it was snowing. I was still going to go.

That's when my Aunts and Uncles start showing up. Couldn't get to work and the airport and whatever, so they came here. Some with my cousins. And then dogs. A nice dog I knew. Then two more larger ones I didn't. Then some pony-dog which scared me stiff. And I said, "I'm terrified and can't move. Someone please help me." I was standing inches from the fridge. It was super reflective, like a mirror fridge instead of white, chrome, or whatever. I'm staring at myself, seeing myself unable to move. The people are all just going about their business,  laughing and chatting, ignoring me.

The door opens. Two more dogs. I can see them in the fridge-mirror. One is a great dane, the dog that kind of bit me as a toddler when he was pulling me away from danger (but I was 2 and, yeah...). The other was, I don't know, a Hell Hound from Supernatural? Pure darkness that snuffed out surrounding light making it look like it was in a cloud of darkness. Red glowing eyes. Fangs. It pushed the great dane forward until it bit me. Teeth sunk into my right ass cheek and bottom two vertebrae. I can still feel it. I woke up feeling it. I wasn't laying wired or anything. There's nothing there. Nothing but fear.
Okay. So. What the hell does this mean?


Seeing a dog in your dream, indicate a skill that you have ignored or forgotten, but needs to be activated. If the dog is vicious and/or growling, then it means some inner conflict within yourself. It may indicate betrayal and untrustworthiness. Dreaming that a dog bites you on the leg, suggests that you have lost your ability to balance aspects of your life. You may be hesitant in approaching a new situation or have no desire to move forward with your goals. If the dog is barking ferociously, then it represents your habit of making demands on people and controlling situations around you. It could also mean unfriendly companions.

Dreaming of bites, forewarns of danger from someone who has wished you harm, either physical or monetary. Be careful of people who surround you. Dreaming that you are being bitten, represents your vulnerability regarding your unresolved issues emotions. You may be pestered by a problem or obstacle.

Dreaming of having a good neighbor means enjoyment and tranquility at home. Dreaming of having an angry neighbor means quarrels, dissensions and possibly relocation from your home.

Dreaming that you make a mistake indicates that you are doubting yourself in the choices and decisions you have made.

Seeing an uncle in your dream, represents some aspect of your family heritage and traits. It may also symbolize new ideas and emerging awareness.

Seeing snow in your dream means your inhibitions, repressed/unexpressed emotions and feelings of frigidity. You need to release and express these emotions and inhibitions. You may also be feeling indifferent, alone and neglected.

Dreaming that you are or feel helpless, suggests that you are experiencing difficulties in confronting a situation or relationship. You feel that you are unable to take charge of yourself.

Dreaming that you are scared indicates that you are experiencing self-doubt and feelings of incompetence. You may be feeling a lack of control. Anger often masquerades as fear, so also consider issues about which you are angry about in your waking life.

Seeing your own reflection in the mirror, suggests that you are pondering thoughts about your inner self. The reflection in the mirror is how you perceive yourself or how you want others to see you. You may be contemplating on strengthening and changing aspects of your character. Seeing images through the mirror may be a safe way for you to consider and/or confront material from your unconscious. Mirrors symbolize the imagination and a link between the conscious and unconscious.

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