Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Alternative Story (pg-13 post)

Found this 3 part meme on Twitter today...

I want an au (alternative universe) story where there is, in fact, a Victor Secret. The catalog, the ads, all of it. And the Victoria and Victor angels hate each other. It's not a gay thing, it's that they just see rivals, even though they market to different genders. And smart people just look on with a cocked eyebrow, but other people are adamant about taking sides (usually not the side of their own gender). So it's like:
"I bought this bra today."
"Steve, you aren't a 36C. You are a dude with no boobs."
"My #AngelTeam wore this in the ad last night."
"Idiot... what are you going to do with a bra that cost as much as you earn in 4 hours?"
"I don't know. Strap it to the front of my car?"
"No, Steve. Just... no."

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