Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Economic Terrorism

For those of you who haven't seen the ink stamp going around certain circles of America, or more accurately- MERICA, you may want to look that up before reading onward. https://www.chron.com/national/article/This-is-why-you-might-be-seeing-Donald-Trump-12773173.php

If someone is using this stamp and stipulating that any bill they put it on (the suggested 20, or the hilarious 5 from the meme that mocks this hardest) is BURNED with them when they die, okay. Not buried, because a grave robber could dig it up. As long as the bill will never go back into circulation again, then it's fine. Break that little law. http://checkyourfact.com/2018/01/17/fact-check-moveon-says-its-totally-legal-to-stamp-money-with-political-messages/

HOWEVER, anyone who is going to put the bill into circulation, here's why that's not patriotic and IS ECONOMIC TERRORISM. Every bill printed by the US Treasury has a predicted lifespan. Bills in circulation eventually make it back to the bank. If it is defaced, such as with that stamp, the bank cannot recirculate it. They have to turn it over to the Treasury Department, who has to destroy it and then have another printed to replace it. The predicted lifespan of bills determines how much of our tax dollars are needed for the creation of new bills and destruction of old or defaced bills. Exponentially increasing the amount of bills that need to be destroyed will increase the cost in tax dollars to US taxpayers. Therefore, it becomes economic terrorism. And terrorism isn't patriotic.

When you hate someone or some group (Obama, anyone who isn't "white") that you're willing to tank your own economy, to cost yourself and others an increase in taxes, you have a problem.

Which could easily lead me to another rant about Net Neutrality. The only people in favor of killing it are the ones who will make a ton of money off the deal (a VERY tiny percent of the One-Percenters), and the people who think that paying more money for Internet services is worth it because it defeats something Obama did.

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