Friday, June 15, 2018

Goals for Health

There are differences between goals and wishes. Goals should be something the setter can influence, cause, or do on ones own. Wishes are something that one hopes will be granted, but has little to no chance of causing it to happen.

When setting goals for my health, this distinction is especially important.



Short term:

  • Survive the summer by avoiding the heat as much as possible
  • Get in the pulmonary rehab when the heat ends
  • Stick to low sodium diet
  • Get new glasses
  • Get new birth control
  • Make more effort to drink 64 oz of water a day

Long term:

  • Create a survival plan for global warming
  • Stick to health courses of action to keep me alive to 70 or 75


Short term:

  • Journal (love to Jackman T)
  • Get a living will written
  • Update my emergency contact information
  • Don't let depression win this summer
  • Remind myself that winter will come, so don't let depression win
  • Keep telling myself that it will pass, and it will get better, because hot days will end
  • Allow myself to not cry for more than 15 minutes a day this summer when mourning my former self
  • Keep filling out my year color chart from Katie
  • Hang with writer friends weekly (as weather/ etc permits) 

Long term:

  • Have enough passive income to pay for regular psych therapy
  • Create a "Retirement"/ Older Living plan
  • Plan for after-death
  • Keep advocating for my elected representatives to give me better healthcare
  • Keep doing Luminosity game to retain mental acuteness  


  • Get my handicapped placard (applied with application from my doctor)
  • Not needing any new medications
    • Be able to afford any new medications I end up needing
  • Lungs all healed/ fixed
    • Get back to weighing 130 lbs
    • Be able to lift 50 lbs overhead again
    • Be able to bench/lift 250 lbs with my legs again
    • Be able to walk for six hours outside in a summer day again
    • Not be terrified of doing most things because it could be hard to breathe

This is one post in a series.

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