Saturday, June 16, 2018

Goals for Relationships

First off, let me drop a definition from an online dictionary:


a connection, association, or involvement. connection between persons by blood or marriage. an emotional or other connection between people

There are too many people who think that word only refers to romantic love interests. But there are, or should be, more types than that in a person's life. Today I'm setting goals for the suggested categories, plus one that I added.



Short term:

  • Plan LVPANANO game night
  • Figure out when I'll be able to see my best friend (who lives 8 hours away)
  • Be there for my friends as we go through life
  • Jackman T πŸ“–πŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ’œ
  • Keep in touch via social media

Long term:

  • Manage to hang on to my best friends until our funerals


Short term:

  • Snuggle more
  • Get a medical birth control method back
  • Keep trying to help my husband to eat healthier
  • Be better at budgeting

Long term:

  • Live a good life together
  • Keep being thankful I have John


Short term:

  • Keep asking for an update on my grandfather
  • Keep in touch with certain/ most members via social media
  • Find out if I'll get to see my dad on Father's Day
  • Plan something for my birthday to hopefully see my family
  • Celebrate Billy & JJ graduating next year

Long term:

  • See my brother be happy and loved
  • Accept that I did what I could to make one of my parents' dreams come true


Short term:

  • Enjoy Katie's kitties
  • Write Congress again after the next election to ask for better laws to prevent people from buying horses here to ship abroad to meat factories 
  • Try lab-grown meat when it becomes available and competitively priced 

Long term:

  • Adopt a cat (after moving)

This post is part of a series.

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