Thursday, April 6, 2017

#AtoZChallenge F Housework #NationalNoHouseworkDay

F*ck Housework! (Hey, I needed an F...)

It's No Housework Day

The objective of today is not to do housework, especially if you're the one who usually does most of it.
The other way to celebrate is to DO the housework, ALL OF IT, if you're someone who normally doesn't make time for it.
#AtoZChallenge F Housework Day #NationalNoHouseworkDay

What is your least favorite housework chore?
What is your favorite cleaning product or best housework lifehack?

The Uniquely Maladjusted But Fun blog is in the #AtoZchallenge 2017 with an April Holiday theme

The holidays of April is my #AtoZchallenge Theme.


  1. I dont like ironing much...i think baking soda and vinegar do wonders with cleaning

  2. Seriously..there's a national No Housework Day? Why didn't I know about this before?! (Mind you in my house everyday is a no housework day if I get my way.LOL)

  3. That is a great F. And a day I could really get on board with. I would happily never clean the oven again but that grease does insist on itself!

  4. I was highly successful on the No Housework! But then again, I wouldn't say I do most of the housework in my house anyway.


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