Thursday, April 27, 2017

#AtoZchallenge XoXo Kiss Your Mate Day

XoXo Kiss Your Mate Day

Kissing is an important part of romance and intimacy.
Signing letters with an ‘X’ dates back to the Middle Ages. Back then, very few people were literate.
The Greek letter “Chi” became the Greek way to write Christ.
It's said that people often kissed this symbol as a sign of love and respect for their savior.
But what about non-Chritians? There are records the illiterate of other faiths, especially the Jewish people, signed with the letter O.
On the other hand, the symbol x is the letter taw in early Hebrew.

There's another theory that the letter X looks like two people kissing. ><
And there's also the tic-tac-toe theory. One of the oldest games in the world, the X and O symbols became popular when people started playing it on paper. Being easy to draw/ write may be why they also came to stand for hugs and kisses.

Do you enjoy kissing?

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