Friday, April 6, 2018

Letter G #AtoZchallenge Coffee Theme

#AtoZchallenge 2018

Welcome to letter G of my Coffee Themed blogging from A to Z challenge 2018 offering.

I should start off by telling you that I don't personally care for the taste of gingerbread. I love the look of the houses. I'll eat the gumdrops off the roofs. But actual gingerbread? Pass.

Why, then, did I try this coffee? Because it came in a sample pack. I drank one and gave the rest away.

Did not care for it. As much as I love Green Mountain, this was not to my liking. It was weak and watery, in my flavor profile opinion. I tried adding creamer, which at least gave it some flavor, but not enough for me to finish drinking the cup.


If it's not obvious by my current theme, I'm a woman who wonders, after a few minutes, why no more liquid is pouring into my mouth. "Empty? But I just made it! Oh... evaporation..."

As always, this opinion is based on my flavor profile. Your experience may vary.

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