Sunday, April 8, 2018

Letter H #AtoZchallenge Coffee Theme

#AtoZchallenge 2018

Welcome to letter H of my Coffee Themed blogging from A to Z challenge 2018 offering. Today I'm discussing my thoughts on the Starbucks 2017 Holiday Blend Coffee K-Cups.

I find this to be fantastic.

By itself, it's incredibly strong. But it's STARBUCKS... you're not meant to drink it straight. They make their coffee with the assumption that you're going to order it with inclusions. So I added cream and, ta da, it becomes the perfect cup. This is also one of the coffees that I prefer to flavor with honey instead of sugar.

My grandfather taught me that after I bought him this variety for Christmas one year. "Pheww! Trying to grow hair on your chest? Good grief that's strong. Pass the honey, please."

Picture of my Pappy -- Robert-- on his 90th bday

#atozchallenge letter h

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