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#AtoZChallenge Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy _ 2005–

The Ending  (*Post pre-written in March) (Prior to Season 19 being picked up.)
(This is closer to a script than a short description. But this is my favorite show.)

Schmitt calls Webber back. He says he found some of his old research and asks him to come over. Schmitt has whiteboards and papers all over the basement room. "I figured it out! Look, we can make this work."
Webber looks at what he's done. "It's brilliant. But this isn't mine. Where did it come from?"
A series of flashbacks show how Schmitt got a journal that belonged to Ellis, which had mentioned Richard. There are notations in someone else's handwriting. 
"I assumed it was you."
"You have to show this to Meredith. And to Bailey. Come on." Webber says, shooing Schmitt up the stairs.

Bailey is in her office with Catherine Fox. She thanks her for the gift of being able to live her dream of being the Chief. "But I have a new dream now. Raising these children and being with my husband, that's all I want. That's what matters most to me right now. We're thinking about taking the PRT to other cities. That's what Dean Miller was going to do and it's important we carry on that work."
Catherine says she understands. They agree they have to pick a new chief. And they say the name at the same time, but the audience doesn't hear it.

Meredith is texting with Christina, debating if she should leave to go to the Grey Clinic.
"What would you do if someone handed you this opportunity?
Christina sends a laughing emoji. Then a picture of where she works.
"You're the sun. Be where you will shine the brightest."
Meredith receives a text that Bailey needs to see her.

Jo, Amilia, and Link all go to a food truck for lunch. They get Seattle dogs with cream cheese and sauteed onions. Link is the only one who likes the taste. 🌭
Link confesses to Jo and Amilia that he's in love with Jo. "You're my best friend."
Amilia confesses that she's pan and in love too. But can't imagine giving up her job and the distance is probably going to end yet another relationship. 
She later tells this to Addison.
"You'll hate yourself if you don't try, if you don't fight for it. I came to Seattle to win Derrek back. Mark came to win me back."
"Those are terrible examples. Neither worked out." Amelia cries.
"I have no regrets. I know I tried. And then going to Los Angeles felt right. Follow your heart."

Meredith runs into Amilia and talks about her problem. 
"Boy, you have the chance to be where I wish I was. The question is, where's your heart?" Amelia asks.
Meredith pauses.
"Rapid answer. Don't think."
"Seattle. Right here. Where my sister's name is on the wall, where Derrek is in every elevator, where my mom is forever operating."
Amilia hugs Meredith. "Then you have your answer."
Meredith's phone goes off. A text that Bailey and Webber need to see her in the conference room.
"Gees, I know! Maybe if you need to see me so bad, stop moving locations." She rolls her eyes. "I have to go deal with this."

A deaf child is in the ER with chest pains. Maggie is signing with the kid, trying to figure out what's going on. Helm is running tests. 

Richard, Schmitt, and Meredith all end up at the conference room at the same time. Bailey and Catherine are already there. Everyone starts talking at once until Catherine calls them to order. 
"Schmitt made a huge breakthrough in Alzheimer's research." Richard plops a pile of research down and opens the journal.
"Meredith, your mother started this. Derrick must have worked on it after the trial was shut down. I think he was going to take this to Washington with him, but never got a chance. Look at the scribbling."
Meredith looks. "That's just before he died. Where did this come from?"
"When they cleaned out his car, a box of stuff was shipped to the hospital. Alex was supposed to give it to you, but I guess he never did. And then it was mixed in with Owen's stuff when we went to PacNorth. And from there, you know what, it doesn't matter. But Schmitt found it and look at what he did. This could work. You should be in on it, Meredith. Take it with you to the Clinic. Hell, take Schmitt too."
"Are you leaving Grey-Sloan?" Catherine asks.
Meredith sits at the table, running her fingers over the handwriting of her mother and husband.
"Seattle is my home. I can't imagine not being here. But they're offering me a lot."
Miranda sits beside Meredith and takes her hand. "We are too. Grey, I'm retiring. I have to be with Ben and the kids. That's where my heart is. Where's yours?"
"I wish people would stop asking me that," Meredith replies.
"Honey, we have to ask, because we're offering you the job." Catherine says.
"What job?" Meredith looks confused. Looks are exchanged. "Chief? Chief of Surgery at Grey-Sloan?"
"You know," Catherine looks at Richard and Schmitt, "as chief, you could decide if that research project happens here. Or if you'll send what your mother and husband worked on somewhere else. Send their legacy, and your own, somewhere else."

Maggie decides the deaf child needs surgery. But she also needs a general surgeon. "Page Meredith. This is going to be complicated and we need the best we've got."

As she's headed to the OR, Meredith runs into Amelia. "Are you serious about wanting to be at the Clinic?"
"Yeah. In fact, I'm going to speak to Bailey tonight."
"No need. I'm the new Chief of Surgery. And I'll accept your resignation. But I hope you'll consider my offer. Take my spot at the Clinic. Go run the research at the Grey Center. We'll get them to rename it the Grey-Sheppard Center. Though, just a heads up, we're doing an Alzheimer's project here, with research Derrek worked on." Meredith tells her.
"I want the job. My heart is there."
"Great. I gotta go help Maggie save a kid with a heart in the wrong place. Go figure."

Maggie and Meredith are doing surgery. Nurse Bokhee looks toward the scrub room for a moment and nods her head with smile (though her mask is on). Richard is standing there, watching. 
"Are you always here?" He asks.
Ellis appears. "It only seems that way. The girls look good."
Richard crosses his arms and nods. "Yeah. Meredith is Chief of Surgery now."
"She's finally surpassed me," Ellis smiles.
"They're going to be okay."
"I never had any doubt." She rubs Richard's arm. "Come on, we should let them work."
They walk off.

Catherine walks into the doctor's lounge. "There you are! I've been looking all over for you. Richard? Richard! Code blue! Someone help!"

Fade to black. Words on screen:

Richard Webber, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S

A light turns on, the words blend into an illuminated sign. "Richard Webber Memorial Intern and Residents Program." The sign under it has a plaque, "Owen Hunt, Director."

Pan to a door that a young lady opens.

"Is this the intern's locker room? I got so lost. You'd think I know where stuff is by, like, instinct or whatever, because my bio mom worked here. But I never knew her. Guess knowledge doesn't pass genetically. I mean, I know that, I'm a doctor, obviously. But like, " takes a breath, "Hi. I'm Hannah Klein. Are lockers assigned?"

"The legacies are over there," an intern who looks similar to Christina points to another guy and lady. 

"Funny, Yin, very funny. Hi, I'm Tommy. I'm not really a legacy. My Uncle George did work here though. He died."

"Oh, sorry to hear that. Wouldn't it be cool if he knew my mom?"

"Yeah. That'd be something. This is Laura Grey-Thompson." 

"Wow. Grey as in..." Hannah asks.

"She was my Aunt."

"But do you know people here? I mean, you look a little young to be here." Hannah notes.

"I met my dead Aunt's half-sister a few times. I don't believe it'll get me any favors. She told me she knew her chief when she started and it didn't save her from scut or anything. And yeah, I'm seventeen." Laura says.

Yin whistles to get their attention. "We have to go meet our attendings and be assigned to our residents. Chop chop."

"Think she means the chopping literally?" Hannah jokes.

Lights of the OR flicker on. 
Meredith is surrounded by the interns. She gives the speech Richard once gave. 

They all walk to the first-floor nurses' station. She introduces the residents to their new interns. 
"I started here too. I was where you once were. The job is long and hard. But it's here that I found my family, my home, and my heart. Speaking of which, here's our new chief of general surgery, my fiancé, Dr. Nick Marsh."
A few people, including Maggie, clap. Nick waves. 
"You're interns today," Merdith says, "But remember, nobody knows where we might end up."

The original theme music plays as the credits roll for the last time.

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  1. Absolutely love it! The food reference. Using the original music. Sweet.

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  3. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy so I can't speak to how well you captured the spirit, but I can certainly admire the work and creativity that went into this. Impressive!
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