Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#atozchallenge Q is for QR code for #wedding #pictures


How tech savvy are your guests? If you’ve invited a room full of smartphone users, the chances are that’s a room filled with cameras.

“I took some pics. I’ll put it on Facebook for you.”
“Hashtag wedding pics are up on Twitter!”
“I selfied into some of your wedding pics and Mayfair filtered on Instagram.”

You get done with the wedding, possibly zip off to the Honeymoon, and it can be days before you search for those pictures. Newsfeeds bury them. What’s a newlywed to do?

QR Code.

Have a site. A location to get all your pictures. Whatever photo storage cloud you feel most comfortable using, and that other people can upload to without a password or complicated process. Don’t bother asking guests to type in a link… Silly, this isn’t 2006! Make a QR code and pass that out. Put it on the tables. Add it to the wedding programs. Make it known.

Not everyone will use it. But the more that do, the easier your life will be. Then you can gather all those pics together and wait for a sale at a site, such as ClarkColor or Walgreens, and then get prints at a discount.

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