Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J is for Jig "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" #wedding dance dancing #atozchallenge

Wedding receptions are for dancing. Some couples will splurge on special wedding dance classes at the community college. (Worth it if the class isn't too large and the instructor is good.)

My only word of caution here is about dance floors that are too slippery. One couple rented a dance floor that only the most daring guests used, but that was after several drinks. The bride fell twice during the first dance. My grandmother, while walking over to say hello to someone, stepped on the edge of the floor. She slid like a penguin across the room. This is my earliest wedding memory. (That, and it being crazy hot so everyone was at the bar. I drank pineapple juice over ice all night— the only non-alcoholic drink available. I did have my first sip of wine during the toast... thought it tasted like bleach.)


Your proximity to Bethlehem, PA is directly proportional to how you feel about that dance. Why? Because folks from that neck of the woods know about The Chicken Lady. She dressed in her chicken suit and walked around Musikfest teaching the dance to people.
Pennsylvania has some unique wedding reception traditions like that dance, or renting a fire hall or VFW as a location.

Unless you're opposed to music for religious or other such reasons, music at the reception is vital. A good band or DJ will have the skills to get your guests on the dance floor. They are also the ones who encourage guests to use the photobooth (if you have one), announce the bridal party as they enter, and alert everyone when it's time to cut the cake.

You could make your own playlist in advance. (Or go control-freak and burn 3 CDs with all the tunes you want played. Is that a control-freak moment? Radio stations hand lists to DJs saying which songs to play. Requests are played when you ask for a song on that list. It's rare a DJ gets to play whatever outside of college airways.)

A fun idea is to add a line on the RSVP asking guests if they have a special song. You could do that for everyone, or just for VIPs. Most bands or DJs aren't going to be able to play Grandpa and Grammy's wedding song without advance notice!

Also keep in mind that the best photographers will bring a ladder (or some other means) to capture a few overheard shots of people on the dance floor. You want to be sure the music will get folks to floor for that shot!

Which brings me to my final point on this subject. All those strapless dress look great in theory. But, before you commit to one for yourself or your girls, dance in it. Really dance. Get down with your bad self. Why? Because it's better to flash the dress shop than it is to flash an entire wedding reception where there are cameras and video everywhere. I strongly suggest that anyone over a C cup get straps. Unless, of course, you enjoy pictures where someone is tugging their dress up every twenty minutes.

Tomorrow is all about Bride Emergency Kits

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