Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for Pots and Pans Scam #atozchallenge #wedding

In the letter A post I talked about wedding shows and all the great prizes there are to win. Today I’ll talk about the dark side.

There is a company that will rip you off. They sell very expensive cookware, sometimes that isn’t even dishwasher safe. It comes with a giveaway, allegedly, for a free Honeymoon * ß asterisk

Brides and grooms get called in for a presentation. That’s where you get some of your cookware and that magical honeymoon. And then the selling begins. Oh no, you don’t want to leave early! If you leave, you don’t get the magical unicorn’s free and super ultra awesome gift. (A bag of plain M&M’s when I went. Not even a big bag, a regular checkout size one.)

The one-two punch of cookware that you’ll be paying for indefinitely… seriously, it never gets paid off, the bills are like bunnies. It’s worse than an “of the month” club. And that Honeymoon that’s “free” … it barely even counts as a timeshare. You have a tiny window of time to choose from, usually during hurricane season, and it isn’t all expenses paid.  In fact, you’ll end up spending more just trying to get to an acceptable level of decent and safe.

So avoid this scam, or at least research with extreme vigilance. Get your pots and pans from a reputable location. Win a Honeymoon elsewhere. And never give out your credit card number or write a check to someone you don’t know. Identity theft and a hijacked credit score is no way to start a marriage.

The debate rages on at: http://forums.theknot.com/discussion/925257/are-vacation-giveaways-through-cookware-companies-a-scam

Tomorrow will be about QR codes and how they can help you get more wedding pictures!

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