Thursday, April 28, 2016

#atozchallenge X at the #wedding

To invite or not to invite, that is the question.
No is the answer.
No, don't invite your X.

Why are you scrolling down here? Ohh... you want the eXceptions. Okay, here we go:

  • The X has switched gender preferences
  • The X is a family member and your other half insists on the invite for that reason
  • The X took a vow of chastity and is now "married to religion"
  • This is the only way your offspring with the X can or will attend

And that's it.

"But we're bestest friends now! Seriously, there's nothing going on."
Why don't you have that level of friendship with the person you're marrying?
"I haven't known my intended as long."
And you never will. That's how time works. You'll also never be older than your older sibling, unless the older sibling is a leap-year baby and even then it's a technicality.
"Yeah, but it's my wedding. I can invite whoever I want!"
No. You can invite whoever you and the person you are marrying choose to invite.
"But spouse-to-be said it's okay."
Was there guilt? Did the future other-half need to prove just how okay s/he is with you still being friends with the X?
"The X is helping to pay for the wedding. The X has access to a wedding-related thing and is giving it to us or discounting it, and therefore..."
*sigh* Now it's a debate between etiquette and the feelings of the spouse-to-be. Which matters more?
"Seriously though, my whole family and all my friends are cool with my X."
And are they equally cool with the person you're marrying? Or will breaking up with you seem like the best way to get these people to like him/her?
"But I'm happy now! I want to rub that joy in the face of my X."
Uh huh. That's not healthy. Please Google a therapist.

Do what you like. But as far as saving money goes, not inviting the X is one less meal to buy.

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