Saturday, April 9, 2016

H is for Handicapped #atozchallenge #weddings

If you do not know anyone with special needs, congratulations and feel free to skip this letter.

When I was planning my wedding to fiancé 1, we had to look for places with handicapped access. His cousin failed to do that. As a result, their grandfather couldn't attend that wedding. (Grandpa didn't want to be carried around all night. Plus, his chair and equipment were very heavy.)

Think about your guests. Do you have family members in a wheelchairs? Ones that use a walker or cane? Will they be able to get to the bathrooms with ease? Is there parking for them? Guests with hearing trouble might not be able to sit by the speakers at the DJ Booth.

Though I'll mention it again in N, I'm going to bring this up here, as well: Food Allergies. Consider asking about those on the RSVP cards. If Aunt Marge has a severe nut allergy, and you serve pecan-crusted pork chops, there might be an ambulance in your wedding photos.

Planning avoids disasters such as this.

More disasters will come up tomorrow on the Insurance post.

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