Monday, April 25, 2016

#atozchallenge U for Unexpected #wedding fees

I talked about this a bit before, especially in letter D. I'm going to touch on it a bit more so you can avoid the pitfalls.

First- remember those wedding shows I talked about? Be careful about hiring anyone outside of your area. I knew a bride who got a great deal on flowers... until the transportation fee came later! 90-mile drive, both ways, at 50 cents a mile = an extra $90.

Another couple discovered there was a cost for cake cutting not previously disclosed. Tuxedo cleaning bill from the rental place-- yup, I've seen that. (And $7 for a pair of black socks!) A reception hall that charged a fee claiming the caterer broke the marble floor. (Luckily, the caterer saw it when he came in and had the good sense to get proof that it was like this upon entering and was not damage done by himself or his staff.) Corking fee-- that's when they charge to open bottles. Ice sculpture drainage fee (the most bizarre fee I've seen yet because, yes, it was a charge to put water down the drain). Clean up fee because the wedding left behind flower petals or the reception left behind glitter and confetti.

Final note- Postage. There are size and weight restrictions to determine if your invitations are First Class (normal rate) mail or not. Find out before you order or address them. It adds up quick! And if you've seen those adorable invitations in boxes and such, go check the price of mailing them before you invest. I'm not suggesting that you're the type of bride or groom who will spend $10 an invite to mail potatoes -- I'm just saying that if you ARE using to know what the price is upfront.

Tomorrow I'll venture into accessories-- veil, gloves, and shoes! 

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