Saturday, April 30, 2016

#atozchallenge Zero Missed #wedding Photography Shots and My last budget tip for the A to Z of American Wedding Planning for People Who Make Under 30k a Year

Remember back during my letter S post?

You can reuse these wonderful volunteers at the reception! Lead people to the photobooth. Make sure they get in a picture at some point.

“Was Uncle Jim there?”
“I think so.”
“He’s not in any of the pictures.”
“But he just died! Why don’t we have even one picture?”

Don’t be that couple. Unless “Uncle Jim” has a legit reason for avoiding pictures (religious belief, witness protection, etc), be sure to snap at least one. The bride and groom do not have time to make sure this happens. But you can assign people to the task!

That was one of my tips for making sure you have a picture of everyone on your special day. The other tip is to give a list to the photographer.

But not just a list people you want pictures with, but also of pictures you want.

  • A shot of your wedding rings.
  • The groom tying his tie.
  • Father of the bride helping her with the veil.
  • The shoes of the bridesmaids.
  • Generation shot of Grandma, Mom, and Bride.
  • Little final touches like gems in your hair or a penny going in your shoe.
  • Picture of your invitations (though you could take that yourself).
  • Solo shots of wedding party members
  • The decor (you decorated for a reason!)
  • The food (I know, I know... but you'll probably forget in ten years otherwise)
  • Several angles of the cake
  • The special first dances
  • Pic of toasts, and the newlyweds listening to those
  • The bouquets
  • Cake cutting

 Any professional photographer will expect you to have such a list, and probably have dozens more ideas to add to it!

They are sticking around, after all. I mean, you're going to feed them.

Feed who?
Yeah. My last budget tip for the A to Z of American Wedding Planning for People Who Make Under 30k a Year is to remember to budget food for people you've hired. The minister and a plus one will probably expect it, even if they say they don't. The photographer almost certainly expects it. Catering staff might also require it. The DJ probably needs to be fed. You get the idea. 

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