Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for Glitter and Decorations #atozchallenge

Glitter, glitter everywhere, and not a way to clean every spec.

Before you decide that there's going to be a sparkling layer of glitter on every wedding item you acquire, I urge you to check with your ceremony and reception location. There may be policies against glitter, confetti, and other "hard to clean" items.

I give you this tip from personal experience. I bought a 2 ounce bag. It had about 200 confetti cutouts of a bride and groom, each roughly the size of a dime. I taped them on the disposable tablecloths of the 14 tables. Which means that each table of 6 had about 14 pieces of confetti. Yet, somehow, that confetti crept into places no one thought to look. I had a clean-up crew of ten people. They swept and mopped. Somehow enough confetti was still found the next day to warrant a $300 clean-up fee.

Does that sound bad?

Here's a story about Bride E. Her wedding party taped streamers to the wall and sprayed silly string around. (It was the '90s.) She received a bill for $12,000 in repairs. The tape, allegedly, pulled the paint off the wall. And the silly string, supposedly, discolored the carpet.

Get your decorations approved, in writing, including the methods of which they'll be hung or used, before you decorate.

That includes aisle runners and thrown flower petals. (I'm not kidding.)

Actually, an aisle runner is something I advise against. There's a danger that someone will trip on it. And what are you going to do with it after the ceremony? Trash it, probably.

While we're discussing dangerous items: balloons. Latex allergies are on the rise. If a balloon pops, it's a choking hazard for youngsters. They absolutely will not last beyond the one day. Unless you or your intended has a serious love of balloons, skip this item.

I'm giving that link again because they have spectacular deals on wedding decorations. HAVE YOUR BUDGET DONE FIRST. (See letter B.) You'll find ideas you never even thought of on that site. Always ask yourself why you really want it, what it will contribute to the day overall, and how long it will last.

If you think most guests will remember what decorations you hung from the back of the chairs... unless those bows catch on fire, don't count on it. They probably won't even appear in pictures. How much are you willing to spend on something that will be overlooked and forgotten? Consider that when decorating.

Tomorrow I'll discuss consideration for certain guests.

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